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  1. car gil pvc first aid kit
    Price from €1.87 /unit
  2. paffil humidifier
    Price from €3.51 /unit

The best compilation of health and beauty items to be able to give a personalized gift.

Health and beauty products to give to clients

At Garrampa we have a wide variety of personal care items, and in this section we have compiled a wide range of options dedicated to health care and personal beauty care. All these items have the option of being customizable with your company logo, so that you can give your customers one of them and show interest in health and beauty, a sign of dedication and concern for each of them.

Promotional health and beauty items

As health care gifts we offer blood pressure monitors, pill holders, band-aid kits, first aid kits and various options that will make customers feel protected and cared for, a feeling with which you can retain them in a corporate way, giving with personalized gifts with your brand logo. If you are thinking of making a gift focused on health or beauty care, do not hesitate to ask us and our sales team will recommend the best option.