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Reflective jackets and parkas with your logo or personalized marking, special for safety and low visibility Reflective jackets or high visibility jackets are one of the most used garments in certain jobs, especially in jobs where the worker It is in some danger, mainly because of the low visibility of the place. These high visibility jackets have the function of signaling the presence of people. High visibility jackets comply with the EN 20471 standard. They can be class 2 or class 3 and guarantee optimal visibility thanks to their fluorescent fabrics and retro reflective stripes. As practical as reflective work jackets, they are equipped with numerous pockets. For the winter season, pack a high-visibility parka or coat.

High visibility jackets for companies

At Garrampa you can choose parkas or vests for professional use, special for industry and construction. Made from high visibility materials, our assortment of reflective outerwear offers the best visibility in low light conditions or in hazardous positions. Our parkas and jackets offer the insulating properties of a traditional parka combined with reflective stripes to be your best ally in outdoor work.

Reflective parkas for safe work

We offer you waterproof garments, with zippers and special pockets to store all work tools, combined with fluorine colors that ensure maximum visibility in any environment, especially at night. Choose between plain or combined colors, we also have removable models in blue, blue-yellow, in all sizes, with hood and multifunction jackets. Discover the best reflective assortment in Garrampa and let us advise you.

High visibility coats and cheap reflective jackets

Reflective jackets provide a higher level of visibility and are designed for employees who work in high-risk areas, with bad weather conditions or with traffic with speeds greater than 80 km / h. High visibility work jackets are made from a combination of fluorescent and retroreflective material. The fluorescent material in custom reflective jackets improves daytime visibility by converting invisible UV light into visible light making garments brighter and more colorful. The retroreflective material in hi-vis jackets helps the eye perceive light in low-light conditions. In the case of reflective work jackets, retro-reflective stripes will be placed on the torso and sleeves. Are you a professional in the construction, public works or transport sector? For your safety, high visibility jackets allow you to remain visible in any situation, in accordance with the law on high visibility clothing. Therefore, they can be worn by construction professionals or haulers.

High visibility jackets and approved reflective parkas

For tougher conditions (cold and bad weather), we offer High visibility parkas in accordance with the EN 14058 standard (protection against cold down to -5 ° C) and the EN 343 standard (protection against rain). This type of parka is ideal for those on construction sites even in difficult weather conditions. Regarding colors, the regulations allow reflective work jackets to be in 3 colors: yellow, orange or orange-red. Two-color reflective jacket combining some of those mentioned are also allowed. When buying a reflective jacket to work, you have to take into account different aspects such as the environment. The jacket must be visible, contrast with the colors of the environment. In the event that the worker is in a closed environment, he will have to take special care that his reflective jacket stands out from other tools or work machines. In addition, the particular light conditions must be taken into account.

Frequently asked questions about Reflective jackets and parkas

What are high-visibility reflective jackets called?

Reflective jackets are sometimes referred to as Hi Viz jackets as they often include both high visibility and reflective elements. A fully reflective jacket that does not have any high-visibility colored fabric is simply a reflective jacket.

What is the best high visibility jacket?

The best Hi Viz work jacket is one that includes reflective elements for nighttime visibility, as well as a bright hi-visibility color to help you stand out during the day. Waterproofing and visibility are crucial if you want a jacket for the whole year.

How does a high visibility reflective jacket work?

The highly reflective glass beads coated on the surface of the fabric work by reflecting light only towards the light source, such as the headlights of a car. ... This occurs because the tape contains glass beads or prisms that collect the light, focus it, and bounce it back towards the source.

What is a high visibility reflective jacket?

High visibility clothing, sometimes referred to as hi-viz, is any garment that is worn that is highly luminescent in its natural matte property or a color that is easily discernible from any background. ... Hunters may be required to wear designated high-visibility clothing to prevent accidental shooting.

Why buy reflective jackets from garrampa?

At garrampa, you have a wide range of reflective jackets and parkas for men and women. We have a catalog of brands specialized in reflective uniforms, these reflective coats will be able to satisfy all your needs thanks to their great diversity of models. They have the EN 20471 certification to perfectly guarantee your visibility with total safety.

Do you have winter and summer reflective jackets?

Yes, we have high visibility jackets designed to protect you from unstable weather conditions, such as wind, cold and moderate rain, while offering great breathability for greater comfort, especially during intense activity. In addition, you will also find a wide selection of high visibility work jackets. Professional fleece lined jackets to keep you warm in winter, but also high visibility waterproof jackets to protect you from the rain. In addition, you can choose high visibility jackets suitable for the mid season, which are not waterproof and have no lining.

We show you in this video the reflective jackets and high visibility parkas

Working safely and warmly is not incompatible with garrampa's reflective jackets and hi-visibility parkas. We have a wide variety of reflective jackets and coats suitable for working in cold environments and meeting the safety standards approved by the European Community. Visit our online store to check the prices of high visibility jackets.