Inexpensive Personalized Garment Bags

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  1. Eva kibix garment bag
    Price from €1.16 /unit
  2. Portatrajes fontaine no tejido vista 2
    Non-woven fontaine garment bag
    Price from €1.52 /unit
  3. Portatrajes seventh no tejido con impresión vista 1
    Seventh non-woven garment bag
    Price from €1.91 /unit
  4. wardrobe
    Price from €6.77 /unit
  5. wardrobe-jacket
    Price from €21.56 /unit
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5 Items

Elegant garment bag to personalize with your logo. The perfect gift for special clients or your business team.

Advertising suit bags to give away

You can never risk wearing your work suit in any way. The garment bags are the insurance of your work uniform if you dedicate yourself to consulting, you are a manager or you rub shoulders with executives. Giving garment bags is an elegant and differential detail, which will undoubtedly win the hearts of your best customers. Print your logo on the top of our custom garment bags and take your image much further.

Silk-screen printed garment bags with your logo

A garment bag can be the ideal gift prior to an event, to have a detail with the envoys of your company, or for example, we recommend you give it to your vip clients: it will make them feel important and cared for. Each promotional gift brings much more value than monetary, as it creates a brand and reputation memory. Bet on luggage racks for business trips, weddings and other events, you'll be right!