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  1. Ecological
    TISPAD Round Wireless Charger
    Price from €3.70 /unit
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  1. Ecological
    PLATO+ wheat straw wireless charger
    Price from €2.04 /unit
  2. New product
    WIRELESS PLATO Wireless charger
    Price from €2.09 /unit
  3. Cargadores inalambricos flake de plástico con logo vista 1
    FLAKE CHARGER Wireless charger
    Price from €2.46 /unit
  4. UVE CHARGING Wireless Charger
    Price from €2.64 /unit
  5. UNIPAD Wireless charging pad
    Price from €2.67 /unit
  6. Ecological
    UNIPAD+ Tri-straw wireless charging pad
    Price from €3.03 /unit
  7. Ecological Recommended
    TISPAD Round Wireless Charger
    Price from €3.70 /unit
  8. THINNY WIRELESS Ultra slim round charger
    Price from €5.69 /unit
  9. Ecological
    DESPAD Fast wireless charger
    Price from €5.85 /unit
  10. Ecological
    LAYABACK Straw Wireless Charger
    Price from €6.01 /unit
  11. Cargadores inalambricos kerala de varios materiales ecológico con logo vista 2
    KERALA Bamboo Wireless Charger,
    Price from €6.10 /unit
  12. FLAKE MAG Wireless charger
    Price from €6.23 /unit
  13. Ecological
    WIRE&STAND Wireless charger
    Price from €6.79 /unit
  14. Ecological
    RUNDO MAG Wireless charger
    Price from €6.95 /unit
  15. Cargadores inalambricos malabar de varios materiales ecológico con publicidad vista 2
    MALABAR Bamboo Table Set
    Price from €7.51 /unit
  16. Wireless charger 4,000MAH
    Price from €7.88 /unit
  17. Ecological
    VIANA DESK table set
    Price from €9.43 /unit
  18. MELIS Magnetic charger 15W
    Price from €12.00 /unit
  19. type c wireless powerbank
    Price from €12.20 /unit
  20. JUPITER Light and wireless charger 10W
    Price from €12.97 /unit
  21. Ecological
    MORO Bamboo Wireless Charger
    Price from €13.68 /unit
  22. CAPUSLA Loudspeaker office lamp
    Price from €14.09 /unit
  23. Ecological
    GROOVY Desktop charger set 10W
    Price from €17.79 /unit
  24. wireless charging station alarm clock
    Price from €26.04 /unit
  25. Trigger charger
    Price from €1.26 /unit
  26. neblin wireless chargers
    Price from €1.54 /unit
  27. Radik Charger
    Price from €1.61 /unit
  28. Sakrol Charger
    Price from €2.04 /unit
  29. devel charger
    Price from €2.28 /unit
  30. Ecological
    Russell Charger
    Price from €2.78 /unit
  31. Ecological
    fire charger
    Price from €2.81 /unit
  32. Merson Charger Organizer
    Price from €2.91 /unit
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151 items

In an age of continuous connection like ours, we can't think of a better promotional gift than these cheap advertising wireless chargers . They are super comfortable, since you only have to leave your device on top of the charging station and it will be charged by magnetism in the shortest possible time.  At Garrampa we have the best wireless chargers on the market : their multifunctional designs will surprise you, at the same time that they will become the useful top of the office. Discover our different models of personalized wireless chargers with a case, in the shape of a circle, as a mouse pad (while you work with the computer, you can charge your mobile), as a pencil holder, as an organizer and a notepad , with car holder, as a photo frame, as a keychain, as an alarm clock or as a desk lamp. At Garrampa we have ecological models , made of natural materials such as bamboo, wheat cane or cork.  Find your universal wireless charger in this section.

Bluetooth mobile chargers to give away

Among the original technological gifts for men and women, designer wireless chargers with bluetooth included are in vogue . Every day, the advancement of technology is more appreciated. Also in personalized items. In this way, with Garrampa's wholesale wireless chargers, you can charge your mobile without having to plug in the cable . All great convenience that you can bring to your employees, suppliers, customers and potential customers. For this reason, cheap advertising wireless chargers are a very widespread option in all kinds of events: conferences, festivals, congresses, fairs ... Even for occasions more familiar like weddings.  It will be a sensational detail, with which you will triumph among your guests. Don't think twice and get one of these bluetooth mobile chargers to give as a gift.  Ask us at Garrampa and request your budget now. Welcome!

Wireless charging batteries in various colors

At Garrampa we have wireless charging battery in various colors , so you can choose the model that best suits you. Find in this section the technological gifts for adults and young people, with which you are sure to cause a sensation. And without the need for cables! Discover here our entire range of cheap advertising wireless chargers in white, black, gray, red, yellow, blue or green tones . In addition, wood is a leading element among our eco chargers. The top detail for the office or to ask friends to telecommute.Our customizable wireless chargers are super functional, comfortable and practical.  Customize your battery charge, hand in hand with Garrampa.