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  1. Ecological
    USB memory Glyner 16GB
    Price from €3.12 /unit
  2. Ecological
    EKU 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €3.31 /unit
  3. Ecological
    Taming 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €4.15 /unit
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  1. kibal custom usb flash drives
    Price from €0.68 /unit
  2. SURVET USB flash drive 16GB
    Price from €2.19 /unit
  3. Yemil 32GB USB flash drive
    Price from €2.36 /unit
  4. USB flash drive Laval 16Gb
    Price from €2.39 /unit
  5. Sony 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €2.39 /unit
  6. Ecological
    Mozil USB flash drive 16GB
    Price from €2.50 /unit
  7. Ditop 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €2.81 /unit
  8. Ecological
    USB memory Cetrex 16Gb
    Price from €2.81 /unit
  9. Ecological
    Kontix 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €2.90 /unit
  10. Ecological
    USB memory HAIDAM 16GB
    Price from €2.92 /unit
  11. 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €3.00 /unit
  12. Ecological
    16GB Nokex USB flash drive
    Price from €3.11 /unit
  13. Ecological Recommended
    USB memory Glyner 16GB
    Price from €3.12 /unit
  14. Ecological Recommended
    EKU 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €3.31 /unit
  15. Zilak 16Gb USB flash drive
    Price from €3.31 /unit
  16. Ecological
    Vedun 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €3.52 /unit
  17. HORIOX USB flash drive 16GB
    Price from €3.83 /unit
  18. Blidek 16Gb USB flash drive
    Price from €3.83 /unit
  19. Usb personalizados nosux 16gb de cartón ecológico vista 2
    Nosux 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €3.94 /unit
  20. Usb personalizados sleut 8gb de metal con impresión vista 1
    Sleut USB flash drive 8GB
    Price from €3.99 /unit
  21. MILEN 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €4.05 /unit
  22. Usb personalizados drelan 8gb de metal vista 1
    Drelan USB flash drive 8GB
    Price from €4.07 /unit
  23. Daclon 16Gb USB flash drive
    Price from €4.15 /unit
  24. Ecological Recommended
    Taming 16GB USB Flash Drive
    Price from €4.15 /unit
  25. Ecological
    Zilda USB memory 16GB
    Price from €4.15 /unit
  26. Sivart USB Stylus Pen 16GB
    Price from €4.16 /unit
  27. Rantix USB memory 16Gb
    Price from €4.45 /unit
  28. SLEUT 16GB USB flash drive
    Price from €4.57 /unit
  29. Novuk 16Gb USB flash drive
    Price from €4.60 /unit
  30. Krom 16Gb USB flash drive
    Price from €5.23 /unit
  31. Ecological
    Kornon USB Pen 16GB
    Price from €6.04 /unit
    Price from €2.15 /unit
  33. SAVERY. Ballpoint
    Price from €5.02 /unit
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If you're looking for a technological way to promote your brand, our customizable inexpensive USB sticks are a great idea. And is that personalized pen drives are highly appreciated advertising gifts. For this reason, from Garrrampa we have a very varied collection of USB memories with logo, photo, text, slogan , etc. Custom USB sticks! Discover all our examples, USBs in different colors (blue, pink, green, yellow, red, purple ...) and models. We have micro SD cards, with a case and cover, in the shape of a key and a pen, in aluminum, metal or acrylic; as well as in different capacities ... find yours in this category. Nor can we forget Garrampa's ecological pen drives : they are made of sustainable materials such as recycled cardboard, wheat cane or bamboo.  Customize your usb memory, through your online order.

USB memory sticks and advertising pen drives for companies

Our customizable inexpensive USB sticks are one of the most demanded technological items by companies. Corporate technological gadgets in high demand, since in any type of entity a USB with a logo is entirely practical. For employees, suppliers and customers, everyone will want their personalized USB! In this way, we cannot think of a better gift with which to give your partners: technological tools for their day to day, like this that if you add your company logo it will be a direct means with which to increase your visibility. And thus retain your customers and get new ones! But our advertising USBs are not only great for companies , but they are also a great detail for individuals. Imagine one of our customizable USBs in associations, unions, schools, universities, administrations ... they will be perfect! Head over to the Garrampa website and get your cheap and customizable USB. We will wait for you!

Custom USB Cards for Advertising

Discover in Garrampa a wide catalog of USB memory customization, adaptable to all types of colors, size formats and materials. These are very valuable technological gifts that are in demand at any event, fair, congress or work conference. A way to improve the branding of your company and give visibility to your brand. In this way, take a look at all our offer in cheap customizable USB that we have in our online catalog.  A super varied collection in different materials, colors, capacities and formats. Advertising USBs are an elegant and practical way to capture the image or logo of a company and at a very cheap price. Find this gadget and succeed in all types of offices, companies or other workplaces.

Frequently asked questions about Custom USB

Why buy personalised USB flash drives at Garrampa?

At Garrampa we are suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of USB memory sticks with personalized logo. In addition, you can add your photo or text to your memory stick or USB card. Discover now the incredible prices of our customizable cheap USB sticks and you won't have to wonder anymore how much does a personalized pendrive cost? . This cheap customization technique allows us to provide personalized USB sticks at very low prices , since we take care of controlling the manufacturing costs of the cheap customizable USB sticks, their quality, as well as the delivery times. What are you waiting for? Enter the Garrampa website and order your personalized pendrives. One of the most original gifts in advertising and available in small or large quantities. Discover our online catalog and get this gift of technology so useful and appreciated by all.  Our cheap personalized USB flash drives are perfect for companies, associations, schools or organizations. Take advantage and place your order.

How to choose a cheap promotional USB flash drive?

To choose your customizable inexpensive USB, it is necessary to know how to answer a series of questions such as: “Do I need one of these advertising USB sticks for an event?” or “Do I want to give my employees personalized original USB sticks? ”. Likewise, other aspects such as storage (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB ...) are also very important. Take a look at the entire selection of customizable inexpensive USB that we have at Garrampa website and find the one that best suits your needs.  We have for you a wide range of colors, shapes and memory capacity. Discover your ecological model or that personalized USB memory in card format, among others.

What memory capacity to choose for a USB: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB?

To choose the memory capacity of these original pen drives, you have to think about their use. In Garrampa you have the possibility to choose with different memory capacities. For example, USB sticks of 128 MB, 256 MB, 515 MB or 1 GB have little space. Thus, they are perfect for loading lightweight documents or files. Likewise, a 2GB, 4GB or 8GB pendrive is the most widespread and requested type of model . These customizable USB sticks are ideal for loading company presentation videos, PDF catalogs ... Finally, the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB customizable USB drives are ideal for storing movies and heavier files . A temporary storage, with which you can duplicate files, videos, photos, brochures or catalogs and keep them safe. Buying a personalized pendrive in Garrampa is very easy: choose its use, model, customization technique and place your order. And keep your files safe!

How long does it take to deliver personalised promotional USB sticks?

At Garrampa, we have a wide range of cheap custom USBs, which we also deliver quickly and reliably. From the moment we confirm your order, we will send you your USB memory sticks with the logo in just a few days. Everything will depend on the model and the quantity requested. Remember that we also have an express and premium production service for orders that require more urgency. Come over now!

What is the difference between 2.0 personalised USB flash drives and 3.0 customisable USB flash drives?

The main difference between 2.0 and 3.0 technology is the data transfer speed. With promotional USB 3.0 you can copy, save or share files at a speed 10 times faster than normal advertising USB 2.0, It can transfer data up to 480 Mbps. Therefore, 3.0 technology offers concrete benefits in terms of performance, without compatibility problems because they are also accessible to USB 2.0 ports. However, the transfer speed of custom 3.0 pen drives is guaranteed only if the input port of the device where it is connected supports 3.0 technology.

How can advertising USB sticks be personalised at Garrampa?

At Garrampa we give you the opportunity to personalize promotional pen drives with your logo, using 3 different printing techniques . In this way, if you want an impression that lasts over time, you must choose an elegant laser engraving that does not have color, or your logo will be a metallic gray, since the laser engraves the base of your promotional usb . On the other hand, if you are looking for color printing, screen printing or digital printing is available: while screen printing is an economical printing technique that allows you to color your logo with only 4 spot colors; digital printing allows you to personalize the pen drives with a logo without color limits that, among other things, can be shaded. From Garrampa, we recommend that, if you have opted for a card pen drive, digital printing is perfect so that you can personalize it with a highly attractive, creative and original that captures the attention of customers and surprises them. On the other hand, if you choose wooden USB sticks, we recommend laser engraving which will have an effect similar to that of the bas-relief. In any case, from our website we put at your disposal a customer service that you can consult at any time (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) and we will be happy to assist your doubts and advise you on the best technique to capture your logo or design.