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  1. syrene speakers
    Price from €2.18 /unit
  2. karlon speakers
    Price from €3.93 /unit
  3. Braiss speaker anniversaries
    Price from €3.28 /unit
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  1. Altavoces mushroom de plástico vista 1
    plastic mushroom speakers
    Price from €3.35 /unit
  2. Altavoces round bass de varios materiales vista 2
    ROUND BASS Round Bluetooth speaker
    Price from €4.24 /unit
  3. SOUND Aluminum Bluetooth Speaker
    Price from €4.43 /unit
  4. Circular wireless rubber speaker
    Price from €4.68 /unit
  5. Ecological
    SOUND BAMBOO Bamboo Bluetooth speaker 3W
    Price from €5.29 /unit
  6. bathroom speaker
    Price from €6.09 /unit
  7. Ecological
    AUDIO Bamboo Wireless Speaker
    Price from €6.57 /unit
  8. sonicone speakers of various materials
    Price from €7.35 /unit
  9. Ecological
    SWING Speaker 5.0
    Price from €7.75 /unit
  10. TATCHI Bluetooth camping speaker
    Price from €8.89 /unit
  11. Ecological
    SPEAKBOX Wireless bamboo speaker 2x5W
    Price from €11.34 /unit
  12. Ecological
    VIANA SOUND 5.0 wireless speaker
    Price from €12.32 /unit
  13. CAPUSLA Loudspeaker office lamp
    Price from €14.09 /unit
  14. laryn speaker
    Price from €1.75 /unit
  15. On Sale
    syrene speakers
    Price from €2.18 /unit
  16. rariax speakers
    Price from €2.25 /unit
  17. Viancos speaker
    Price from €2.31 /unit
  18. wanap speaker
    Price from €2.48 /unit
  19. Metal martins speaker anniversaries
    Price from €2.59 /unit
  20. haclix speaker
    Price from €2.70 /unit
  21. stockel speaker
    Price from €2.97 /unit
  22. visor speakers
    Price from €3.56 /unit
  23. Garbo speaker
    Price from €3.60 /unit
  24. netpack speaker
    Price from €3.76 /unit
  25. On Sale
    karlon speakers
    Price from €3.93 /unit
  26. Metal bulpex wireless chargers
    Price from €3.93 /unit
  27. lakon speaker
    Price from €3.98 /unit
  28. antonio miro brenner speakers
    Price from €4.12 /unit
  29. Ecological
    eco-friendly bamboo denzel speakers
    Price from €4.22 /unit
  30. kafin speaker
    Price from €4.37 /unit
  31. clarmunt speakers
    Price from €4.80 /unit
  32. Ecological
    Medran RCS loudspeaker
    Price from €5.16 /unit
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125 items

From Garrampa, we propose all these personalized speakers for all types of customers , on which you can stamp your company logo or your favorite design. And we know that everyone likes to enjoy their favorite group or singer. And what better than to do it out loud and share it with your closest circle.  Discover these top gifts for conferences , available in different colors: yellow, white, red, blue, gray, black, pink or green, among others. In addition, we have very fun and super functional models, advertising speakers that are much more than a bluetooth speaker. Find them in this section as: keychain, old radio, glasses, lamp or with USB charge. We also have examples to hang, in the shape of a mushroom, for the shower or to carry on the car window (thanks to its suction cups). In addition, our advertising speakers are made of different materials. It is worth highlighting our eco line in bamboo or our silicone speakers.

Mini desktop speaker for mobile

Without a doubt, music is a great advertising claim . It is part of our day-to-day life and is a means with which to make the public feel identified. Therefore, giving personalized mini speakers for mobile phones is an incredible gift, with which you will triumph among customers, suppliers and employees. If you are looking for a means by which to retain them all, giving personalized speakers for companies is a sensational idea . They will associate the good feeling of music with your brand. Take a look at all our models and find your mini desktop speaker for mobile.  Mark your design and improve the branding of your company. Enter the Garrampa website now.

Cheap advertising speakers to give away

Our custom speakers aren't just for businesses; but also for all kinds of events. Find in Garrampa a whole range of possibilities when it comes to speakers, and much more!  We are your online personalized merchandising store. Take a look at our offer in bluetooth speaker to give away , available in different sizes, colors and types of connections. A personalized speaker is the best corporate gift, but also for family social events. Imagine gifting your wedding guests with one of our customizable speakers - you'll leave them speechless. In the same way, our mini speakers are very easy to transport , so they will be the perfect ally for trips, camping or festivals. Discover these personalized gifts on the Garrampa website. We have all kinds of promotional speakers: For those who don't want cables, we have a whole line of custom Bluetooth speakers.