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  1. POWERALU Aluminum power bank
    Price from €2.42 /unit
  2. POWERFLAT Flat power bank 4000 mAh
    Price from €4.02 /unit
  3. Powerflat8 metal power bank batteries
    Price from €8.72 /unit
  4. Ecological
    ARENA Power bank bamboo
    Price from €9.86 /unit
  5. Boltok power bank batteries
    Price from €0.67 /unit
  6. Power bank youter batteries
    Price from €0.72 /unit
  7. Kanlep power bank batteries
    Price from €0.90 /unit
  8. Batteries power bank khatim
    Price from €1.41 /unit
  9. Power Bank Privek
    Price from €1.61 /unit
  10. Metal thazer power bank batteries
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  11. Vilek Power Bank
    Price from €2.05 /unit
  12. Metal slatham selfie sticks
    Price from €2.35 /unit
  13. Solius metal touch stylus pens
    Price from €2.45 /unit
  14. Metal villex power bank batteries
    Price from €2.61 /unit
  15. Baterias power bank telstan de metal vista 1
    Telstan metal power bank batteries
    Price from €2.91 /unit
  16. Simmon power bank batteries
    Price from €3.38 /unit
  17. Tilmix metal power bank batteries
    Price from €3.61 /unit
  18. Battery power bank spencer usb
    Price from €4.92 /unit
  19. Lenard Power Bank Batteries
    Price from €5.61 /unit
  20. zenon wireless chargers
    Price from €5.75 /unit
  21. Kaprin Power Bank
    Price from €6.02 /unit
  22. Power Bank Rudder
    Price from €7.52 /unit
  23. Ecological
    Reycon Power Bank
    Price from €7.95 /unit
  24. Power Bank Tikur
    Price from €8.33 /unit
  25. Ecological
    Power Bank Kalery
    Price from €8.88 /unit
  26. Ecological
    Ditte Power Bank
    Price from €11.58 /unit
  27. Ecological
    Vekmar Power Bank
    Price from €12.16 /unit
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128 items

If you are looking for a technological item on which to stamp the design of your corporate brand, Garrampa's personalized power banks are the gift you have been looking for so much. Discover our entire selection in external advertising batteries to charge your mobile, tablet or laptop . In our online store we have external power bank batteries in a wide color range: blue, black, red, green, orange, white, yellow ... choose the one you like the most! We adapt to you and your logo, as well as to the needs that may arise during your trip or excursion in which you take your portable power bank. Take a look at all functional power bank models: scale, flashlight, headphones, key ring, pen, backpack, charger wallet, etc. We also have types of ecological power banks with sustainable materials such as bamboo casing or solar batteries.  Modern designs, with different powers, sizes and colors. Discover Garrampa's personalized power bank batteries.

External batteries for advertising mobiles

In the XXI century, charging batteries for mobile phones or laptops are part of our daily lives. Many hours we spend with these devices, either for leisure or work, in this way, at Garrampa we want to satisfy the needs of our workers. And for those who spend their 8 hours of workday next to technology, we know that our external batteries for advertising mobiles are ideal. Our personalized power bank batteries with your company logo are perfect for personalization. We have a great offer in customizable power bank with different charging capacities , ideal for any type of situation. Give external power bank batteries to take them with them everywhere. From the office to home and vice versa. In the bag, the car (we have supports adapted for the vehicles) or in your personalized backpack. Take advantage of this opportunity and surprise your customers and employees with the personalized power bank batteries from the Garrampa online catalog.

Rechargeable batteries to give away

At Garrampa we want to make your trips more bearable.  That connection problems are not your problem. Whether you go camping or to a festival, you can charge your mobile without any impediment. In this way, in our online store you can see our wide range of possibilities of external batteries, and above all, respecting the environment! Yes, as you hear it, at Garrampa we charge your mobile or laptop, while preserving nature.  We are sustainable, thanks to our range of solar power banks. And it is that this type of customizable power bank batteries regenerate the charging capacity through the sun's rays. They are indeed solar batteries, and we have a selection of eco batteries in different sizes and made from sustainable raw materials such as the bamboo casing. Find your power bank battery that you like the most. In battery set, with case or made of tempered glass; our high-end line.

Frequently asked questions about Batteries Power bank

Why order personalised powerbanks from Garrampa?

We are your online store for power bank batteries. We are suppliers and wholesalers of customized power bank batteries, which we send you directly from the factory at incredible prices. At Garrampa we manufacture custom power banks, chargers, external batteries, etc. In short, we offer you different customized technology items cheaper than in other online stores.  Super competitive prices for your batteries and power banks! Discover our entire ecological range of personalized power bank batteries : they are charged thanks to solar energy, we also have recycled power banks . These types of external chargers are perfect for your ecological communication action, so now you know, what better way than to recharge these technological devices with renewable energy solutions. Your personalized power bank batteries are ideal for companies, associations, study centers ... Make your order in small or large quantities.

What power should I choose for a personalised power bank?

To choose the power of a power bank, first you have to know for what type of use or device you need to charge . The higher the storage capacity of the internal battery of your device, the greater the capacity of the external charger will have to be. In this way, you can choose powerbanks from 1200 mAh to 3000 mAh that will be perfect for backup charging or more powerful mobile chargers that range from 4000 mAh to 6000 mAh, ideal for powering a tablet. Choose high-capacity 10,000mAh, 15,000mAh, or 20,000mAh power banks for portable electronic devices, such as a computer.

How do I use a Garrampa Power Bank?

Since you already know what a power bank is, now you will have to know how it works.  Do you know how a power bank works? We will tell you right now! If you want to use a power bank battery charger for your mobile device, simply connect the Power Bank with the original USB cable to the device you want . Thus, you will connect it with a power source: use your universal USB cable or your computer USB port.

What are the delivery times for personalised power banks?

If you buy power banks through the website, you will receive the products within 10-12 days. And if you need it more urgently, by paying a small supplement, you can speed up shipping and delivery even more.

Which models of customizable power banks do you recommend?

In there is a wide variety of promotional and advertising power banks with various types of shapes, colors and prices. They range from the 1200 mAh, smaller and more comfortable to carry with you, to the larger 10,000 mAh, more suitable for those who need to triple the battery life of their smartphone. Among others, there are also travel kits that also include a mains charger and a case, or models with suction cups, comfortable because they adhere perfectly to your mobile phone and are easier to hold. For the latest generation smartphones at there are also wireless charging bases, with which it will be possible to recharge the mobile phone even without using the cable but simply by placing it on top. Those who are more attentive to the environment will also find a model with solar charging, suitable for situations in which there is no possibility of recharging the power bank. Not just for smartphones and tablets! With the powerbank you will have the possibility of recharging not only smartphones and tablets but also a whole series of technological products such as bluetooth headphones, portable speakers, smartwatches, mini desktop fans or small music equipment that use the USB socket and that are now becoming increasingly common. plus. used by young people.