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  1. Ecological
    Dowex Multifunction Pen
    Price from €4.68 /unit
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  1. Ecological
    VISIONBAM Sticky notes in bamboo cover
    Price from €0.91 /unit
  2. Ecological
    GROW ME Grass Seed Notepad
    Price from €1.11 /unit
  3. Ecological
    GROW ME Grass Seed Notepad
    Price from €1.28 /unit
  4. Ecological
    CLIPBI Small Bamboo Clipboard
    Price from €1.44 /unit
  5. Ecological
    CASOVE Document holder A4 RPET 300D
    Price from €4.78 /unit
  6. Ecological
    MANILA Bamboo pen holder
    Price from €6.95 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Kotix card
    Price from €0.02 /unit
  8. Ecological
    Hangtag Presentation Canlia
    Price from €0.04 /unit
  9. Ecological
    dengal pencil
    Price from €0.07 /unit
  10. Ecological
    Kromax Perpetual Planner
    Price from €0.09 /unit
  11. Ecological
    Handru Presentation Case
    Price from €0.09 /unit
  12. Ecological
    Boxit Presentation Case
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  13. Ecological
    Brunia Pen Case
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  14. Ecological
    Davor Pencil
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  15. Ecological
    Lasow Desktop Calendar
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  16. Ecological
    Tebel Eternal Pencil
    Price from €0.29 /unit
  17. Ecological
    Ayira Presentation Box
    Price from €0.32 /unit
  18. Ecological
    Ciril Presentation Box
    Price from €0.37 /unit
  19. Ecological
    Haborg folder
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  20. Ecological
    Laska Notepad
    Price from €0.43 /unit
  21. Ecological
    Gardner Perpetual Calendar
    Price from €0.45 /unit
  22. Ecological
    Organic pencil holders and cups
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  23. Ecological
    Feros Notepad
    Price from €0.55 /unit
  24. Ecological
    Fredox Presentation Box
    Price from €0.55 /unit
  25. Ecological
    Flen Calendar Mat
    Price from €0.56 /unit
  26. Ecological
    Ecological cardboard ecosum folder
    Price from €0.67 /unit
  27. Ecological
    Bruneok Set
    Price from €0.72 /unit
  28. Ecological
    Yeimy pencil case
    Price from €0.83 /unit
  29. Ecological
    Eco-friendly cardboard comet folder
    Price from €0.89 /unit
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77 items

At Garrampa you have at your fingertips our offer of personalized ecological office and business articles, with which you will turn your brand into a sustainable place. Pen holders, calendars, calculators, notepads, cases, folders to store documents ... in short, a whole set of personalized ecological stationery is waiting for you. Put your logo on diaries, rulers, organizers, bookmarks , card holders, mouse pads or document holders made from sustainable materials. Recycled paper, bamboo wood, recycled cardboard, fiberglass, polyester, cotton, natural cork or wheat cane are some of the raw materials used in its manufacture.  Enter Garrampa now and make your company sustainable.

Cheap green business and office supplies

On the hunt for a custom eco-friendly business and office item? At Garrampa we are your store where you can find all a wide range of personalized cheap ecological office and business accessories. Yes, our prices are highly competitive. We want to offer you the best without spending a lot. In this way, you can improve the branding of your company, with the help of these personalized cheap ecological details for the office. For example, you can capture your logo on calendars using stamping techniques such as printing or laser engraving, depending on the material that is manufactured. Do not miss this unique opportunity with Garrampa. Enter our website now and discover all these promotional ecological office and business items and transmit an ecological corporate message.

Wholesale green business and office accessories

Get your wholesale personalized ecological office and business gift at Garrampa, at the best market price. Advertising accessories with which you can advertise, giving them to customers and suppliers. What are you waiting for to surprise them? We have ecological accessories for the office and business of the most varied : from calculators made of bamboo wood; even document holders made with 100% cotton; going through pencil holders with USB ports and where you can charge your mobile phone. As you can see, in Garrampa we have the best personalized ecological office and business merchandising with which to succeed in all kinds of events. For example, in congresses, conferences or important work meetings.Also, your personalized ecological office and business accessory is ideal for study centers: the youngest will acquire the importance of caring for the environment, through this office material and Personalized ecological business Visit this Garrampa web category and discover all our original ecological business and office products.