Custom eco-friendly travel accessories

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  1. Ecological
    Nelson Purse
    Price from €0.35 /unit
  2. Ecological
    Aquilax Wallet
    Price from €3.06 /unit
  3. Ecological
    RFID anti-theft car key case
    Price from €3.00 /unit
  4. Ecological
    travel pillow
    Price from €10.72 /unit
  5. Ecological
    PVC-free modern travel bag
    Price from €16.50 /unit
  6. Ecological
    Two Tone Collapsible Trolley
    Price from €22.52 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Soft PU weekend travel bag
    Price from €24.75 /unit
  8. Ecological
    Medium Adventure Trolley
    Price from €66.10 /unit
  9. Ecological
    Swiss Peak Business Trolley
    Price from €74.36 /unit
  10. Ecological
    ECUADOR 350. Travel mug 350 ml
    Price from €4.61 /unit
  11. Ecological
    ECUADOR 250. Travel mug 250 ml
    Price from €4.73 /unit
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14 Items

If you are thinking of going on a trip and being sustainable at the same time, what better than Garrampa's personalized ecological travel accessories. And in this section you will find a great pack of ecological products, ideal for any getaway or long trip. Your ecological gifts for women, men and for anyone. Take a look at our sustainable accessories like trolleys and backpacks or maybe you need one of our eco-friendly travel bags and pillows. We also have cork purses, travel glasses, digital scales, or even an anti-theft car key case.  Visit our website now and live ecological and fun experiences, at the hands of Garrampa. We are your shop for personalized ecological travel accessories in Zaragoza.

Eco-friendly travel bags and trolleys

Garrampa is your online store for personalized ecological travel accessories in Spain. And, therefore, among our best-selling ecological products for traveling, our ecological travel bags stand out, as well as trolleys. They are perfect for weekend getaways, as they have capacity and are small and manageable.  These sustainable accessories are comfortable and pleasant to the touch, since they are made with recycled polyester and PVC-free. In this web category, you will find different models that, for sure Some will suit your needs: with pockets, zippers, compartments, wheels ... Very comfortable and useful, as well as easy to store at home. Many can even be folded up, so they won't take up much closet space, so our travel bags and trolleys are not only great custom eco-friendly travel accessories, but also the perfect ally for those business people who they must travel for work; as well as for those athletes who carry their bag to the gym.  Take advantage and enjoy your getaway with Garrampa!

Cheap eco-friendly products for travel

At Garrampa we have ecological and solidarity gifts, since they respect the environment and your pocket. In fact, our personalized ecological travel accessories stand out for their variety, and travel in a complete and sustainable way! For example, our ecological travel glasses will be of great help to you when you go camping or festival . They are super practical, hermetic and you have them available in many colors. Red, green, yellow, blue, orange, black ... choose the shade that best suits you. And remember: they are made with ecological materials such as bamboo fiber or rice husk.  Enter Garrampa now and discover all our personalized ecological travel accessories!