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  1. Ecological
    TREECHESSE Bamboo knife and board set
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  2. Ecological
    christmas wooden deram candle
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  3. Ecological
    Sokin Christmas Tree
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    LYNX. Christmas decoration
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  5. Ecological
    BALY Pendant
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    NEUY Pendant
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  7. Ecological
    ARBY MDF pendant
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  8. Ecological
    ESTY Pendant
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10 Items

Celebrating one of the best times of the year in a sustainable way is also possible with Garrampa.  Make your Christmas ecological, hand in hand with all our products made with recyclable materials such as wood. Reduce the consumption of plastics and turn your Christmas home into an eco home. In this section you will find different ideas for an ecological Christmas : from Christmas bags and wooden pendants to decorate the tree; even candles and decorations like our set of knives (you can't miss it when cutting the nougat!). At Garrampa we are aware of the importance of caring for the environment, therefore, we bring you all these ecological Christmas items to celebrate a sustainable Christmas with your employees, clients or suppliers.  And have a very happy ecological Christmas!

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations

If you wonder how to make an ecological Christmas at the office, Garrampa's ecological Christmas decorations are ideal for you. Surprise your clients, partners and even your employees this Christmas with one of our articles ecological Christmas candles. For example, we have ecological Christmas candles to carry out a sustainable decoration, as well as wooden Christmas trees, totally reusable and beautiful for your home. Enter our website now and take a look at all these tips for an ecological Christmas. In this year's Christmas basket, include details like those in this web category, they will surely like them! In addition, you can personalize them with a phrase or your company logo. Stop by Garrampa and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know. We will be delighted to answer it!

Ecological Christmas accessories

From Garrampa we offer you all a selection of wooden pendants to carry out an ecological Christmas decoration . It is the best alternative to plastic, since they are made of wood - therefore, they are reusable - and are at highly competitive prices. For a few cents a unit, you will have a personalized ecological Christmas accessory. Discover all our models in the shape of a snowflake, Christmas tree, Christmas bag, star, heart or in the shape of a house. All of them , they will serve to decorate the tree in an ecological and aesthetic way. So now you know, do not hesitate to give your workers an ecological Christmas basket, in which you can include all our ecological Christmas decorations such as pendants.  Make your order online with Garrampa now and celebrate Christmas in an ecological way!