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  1. Christmas polyester Santa hat
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One of the quintessential Christmas accessories is the Santa Claus hat to personalize your company logo with silk-screen printing. It is one of the essential gifts at Christmas dinners and party favors. It is a great opportunity to stamp your company logo and gain visibility to display your company advertising during these holidays. We have blue, gold Santa hats, red, green, yellow, black and orange Santa hats. Choose the color that most closely matches your corporate colors and print the logo or design that you want to customize.

Buy Santa hats wholesale

At garrampa we offer you the opportunity to buy Santa Claus hats wholesale. We work with the main manufacturers of Santa Claus hats and we have the best factory prices to distribute Santa Claus hats during Christmas. In our online store you will find a wide catalog of hats to customize at the best sale price.

Santa Claus hats to customize

Santa Claus hats for screen printing are available mainly during the Christmas holidays as it is a seasonal product. It is made of different materials, the polar Santa hat being the most typical of all. There are also other hats with a cotton blend and for the most glamorous gold colored gold hats.