Personalized Christmas decorations

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24 Items

  1. Ecological
    STARGUARD Coaster Set
    Price from €0.45 /unit
  2. TREESGUARD Set of 4 cutlery holders
    Price from €0.78 /unit
  3. Christmas polyester fantasy figures
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  4. cover Zisuk
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  5. Set of Christmas figures to hang
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  6. Navidad set tainox de poliéster vista 1
    Christmas set tainox polyester
    Price from €0.23 /unit
  7. Christmas Tree Pins
    Price from €0.27 /unit
  8. Kunax Chair Cover
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  9. Vondix Ornament
    Price from €0.63 /unit
  10. Ecological
    Tilmex Ornaments Set
    Price from €0.86 /unit
  11. Ecological
    Sokin Christmas Tree
    Price from €1.00 /unit
  12. carrigan ornament
    Price from €1.33 /unit
  13. Ecological
    Gunter Ornament
    Price from €1.88 /unit
  14. LAPLAND. fleece blanket
    Price from €6.13 /unit
  15. Ecological
    BALY Pendant
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  16. Ecological
    NEUY Pendant
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  17. Ecological
    ARBY MDF pendant
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  18. Ecological
    ESTY Pendant
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  19. ROUGE Set of 6 felt tree ornaments
    Price from €0.34 /unit
Set Descending Direction

24 Items

Personalized Christmas decorations Design personalized Christmas decorations with your logo for your clients. Anything you are looking for in personalized Christmas decorations, you will find it here. After all, the Christmas tree is the focus of the holidays, so make sure yours looks its best with some of our best-selling Christmas decorations. Ornaments are one of the best Christmas gifts for everyone on your Christmas shopping list, so start looking.

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Our original personalized Christmas decorations are wonderful gifts that will always be appreciated by the clients of your company or business. Nobody makes bespoke gifts like Garrampa. You can trust that we will offer you the highest quality and best designs to make your Christmas parties shine with Christmas decorations at the best sale price. Be sure to check out our huge catalog of Christmas ornaments and your customization options, especially our best-selling ornaments.

Original and cheap christmas ornaments wholesale

Our cheap Christmas decorations are a great way to preserve memories. Every Christmas Choose from a wide assortment of framed or printed designs that are destined to become family Christmas decorations that are loved, appreciated and enjoyed year after year. We wholesale christmas ornaments directly from factory. Check the offers and discounts by quantity.