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  1. Tremendous Lanyard
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  2. Lanyard Neck
    Price from €0.12 /unit
  3. Lanyards maes de poliéster para personalizar vista 1
    Polyester lanyards
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  4. Double Lanyard
    Price from €0.14 /unit
  5. Kappin polyester lanyards
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  6. Lanyards veltux de silicona vista 1
    Lanyard Veltux
    Price from €0.58 /unit
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7 Items

Looking for cheap and customizable lanyards? Search among all our models and colors of cheap lanyards to personalize and put your company logo on them. Make a difference in events

Cheap Advertising Lanyards

The advertising lanyards are the ideal gift for your clients to always carry the keys with them, not to lose their mobile, even so that they do not lose the card with which they move through the facilities of your company or the card of the coffee machines. If you have visits to your company, it is useful for your guests to carry a special accreditation hanging from your personalized lanyard that differentiates them from the rest of the workers

Cheap logo lanyards

Cheap custom lanyards with logo are ideal to have representation at events, congresses and outside your company. Customizing them is very simple, you just have to search our extensive catalog of the online store of personalized gifts and when you have chosen the model upload your logo or personalized phrase. Make your clients wear your company's lanyard