Advertising items for summer and free time

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Top Category Products
  1. Polyester Arm Hats
    Price from €0.50 /unit
  2. Rastek bag
    Price from €0.65 /unit
  3. straw vita hats
    Price from €0.70 /unit

Summer is here ... as well as autumn, winter or spring. And it is that in Garrampa we do not care about the season of the year : we have a wide variety of advertising articles for leisure and free time. We offer you a large selection to customize sports or leisure products, with which to enjoy your leisure time. For example, advertising items for summer and free time such as our personalized hats with which you will succeed at that special party . We also have car sunshades, ideal for traveling with children; all kinds of mountain equipment such as a trekking pole, garden accessories, bags and coolers, barbecue tools, merchandising towels to go to the beach and, of course, our wide variety of personalized bottles. Find your special personalized object, with which you will have fun and enjoy your free time.

Personalized gifts with logo for the outdoors

In this section you will find the best selection of articles to enjoy free time and leisure with family or friends . Our free time advertising articles are perfect to disconnect from the routine, at any time of the year. At Garrampa we have a wide variety of products , useful for both the colder seasons (such as blankets, which you will see in the subcategory of hiking and camping), as well as for the hottest days, such as our Cheap personalized hats . Do not hesitate and give experiences with our advertising items for summer and free time. Discover our wide catalog and stamp your logo, signature , design or custom phrase. With Garrampa you will always be right!

Promotional items for the summer with your logo

A long weekend, a weekend getaway or the long-awaited summer holidays are the perfect time for your logo to go even further. And for this, what better than advertising articles for summer and free time , which we have on our Garrampa website. Imagine being able to give away that barbecue kit with which your employees succeed at home or those personalized bottles , ideal for summer camps and schools. In addition, with the arrival of good weather, the celebrations multiply : from weddings, baptisms and communions; to festivals and mountaineering or swimming courses. Hence, you can surprise your guests with a gardening product such as a personalized flowerpot, as well as one of our customizable hats. The latter are also the must for outdoor concerts, as well as some of our camping products such as one of our cheap beach chairs. Without forgetting, of course, one of our towels: the perfect gift for a swimming course. Make sure you get the best brand experience by giving away some of our summer and free time items to your customers. Indeed, a detail that is always well received. For this reason, at Garrampa we recommend useful, colorful and quality gifts that you will find in our leisure and free time subcategories. Get ready this summer to revolutionize your branding with our help!