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  1. Marcos fotos zenframe de varios materiales ecológico vista 1
    ZENFRAME Bamboo photo frame
    Price from €7.43 /unit
  2. Marcos fotos magneto con logo vista 1
    magnet photo frames
    Price from €0.09 /unit
  3. Marcos fotos pingus vista 1
    Pingus Photo Frame
    Price from €0.27 /unit
  4. Marcos fotos stan de madera para personalizar vista 1
    Wooden photo frames
    Price from €0.92 /unit
  5. Ecological
    Liban photo frames
    Price from €1.33 /unit
  6. Ecological
    Tapex Photo Frames
    Price from €1.67 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Krent Weather Station Photo Frame
    Price from €7.33 /unit
  8. Schmitt metal photo frames
    Price from €1.41 /unit
  9. Marcos fotos guille de metal vista 1
    metal guille photo frames
    Price from €1.50 /unit
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9 Items

Photographs, in addition to being a decorative object, are souvenirs. So what better way than to use these cheap advertising photo frames , they are really cool and you have them available in different models! On a home shelf, in the office or as a decoration in the hall of your consultation, your brand will have visibility and in any piece!  And since in Garrampa we are experts in advertising frames for photos, we have different examples for you. This is the case of ecological photo frames, made with bamboo wood or natural cork, and do your business! green to the smallest detail! In addition, we have personalized photo frames with fun shapes , perfect as a personalized photo frame for babies. Enter this online category of Garrampa and take a look at all the colors for your personalized photo frame: yellow, white, red, blue, black, gray ... a whole rainbow to accompany your captures favorites!

Photo frames and photo frames with your logo printed

But do you know how to customize Garrampa's cheap advertising photo frames? Right now we will tell you! First of all, you should know that depending on the type of material used in manufacturing, we are going to use one customization technique or another: digital label, laser engraving, stamping (in some, up to 4 colors) or digital engraving. So now you know, give a personalized wooden photo frame as a wedding detail , for example. We also have personalized photo frames for baptism or communion. In both cases, you can make a personalized detail with the image of the couple or the protagonist boy or girl. A nice souvenir to decorate the home. Tell us which model you like the most, and we will do the rest! Our cheap advertising photo frames are ideal for both private celebrations and corporate gifts.  Make your brand logo look reflected in your personalized photo frame!

Photo frames a great corporate gift

Do you want a good business environment? Do you want to give your employees a little detail and encourage team building in your company? Well, if you want to remember one of those great moments as a team, be sure to see these personalized photo frames, they are great as a company gift! Give all workers one of our cheap advertising photo frames and that that pleasant memory is always visible and memorable. We have all kinds of cheap custom photo frames, made of wood, cork, laminated cardboard or aluminum. Put your company logo or a phrase of affection for all of them! And it is that feeling part of a team is a great motivation and seeing it every day in your advertising photo frame even better. Improve the productivity of your company, hand in hand with all this selection of advertising photo frame.