Personalized Manicure Gifts

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  2. Swiss Peak 2
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18 Items

  1. NAILS UP Manicure set in bag
    Price from €0.77 /unit
  2. Manicure set, 6 pcs.
    Price from €1.09 /unit
  3. Ecological
    NAILKIT CORK Manicure set cork case
    Price from €1.51 /unit
  4. Fucsox File Set
    Price from €0.09 /unit
  5. Manicure set pvc silton manicure
    Price from €0.60 /unit
  6. Ecological
    Treisy Manicure Set
    Price from €1.32 /unit
  7. Ecological
    Yernia Manicure Set
    Price from €1.53 /unit
  8. 5-piece manicure set in case
    Price from €3.73 /unit
  9. Swiss Peak 3 Piece Manicure Set
    Price from €5.23 /unit
  10. Swiss Peak 5-Piece Manicure Set
    Price from €9.04 /unit
  11. Aniston manicure. set of 6 files
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  12. SCRATCH. nail file
    Price from €0.41 /unit
  13. Manicura lopez. set de manicura con publicidad vista 2
    Lopez manicure. manicure set
    Price from €0.51 /unit
  14. Manicura nadia. set de manicura para personalizar vista 2
    Nadia manicure. manicure set
    Price from €0.80 /unit
  15. Ecological
    ZENA. Conjunto de manicura
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  16. Sonic manicure. leatherette manicure set
    Price from €1.70 /unit
  17. VILMA. manicure set
    Price from €4.73 /unit
Set Descending Direction

18 Items

Manicure sets with scissors, nail clippers, files, personalized cases and much more, your travel accessory!

Manicure products to give to business clients

Every trip is a great opportunity to promote your brand. During leisure outings, many people need a manicure kit with nail clippers, files, and other special grooming items to keep their nails in tip-top condition. Not only for the female audience, we recommend these practical sets to your clients for gifts and corporate details. Give a manicure set with your logo and make a hole in your suitcase for your most precious contacts!

Promotional manicure items

We have very simple sets of files, which hardly take up space between belongings, or even in your clients' daily bag, such as more complete sets with tweezers, scissors, leather cases and much more. Choose your ideal design from our catalog, from the most elegant to the basic sets, in all kinds of colors that match your corporate image. An always useful and quality gift.