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  1. Cocktail fizz metal cocktail set
    Price from €10.63 /unit
  2. Demonstrations wooden folklore fan
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  3. Ecological
    USB memory Glyner 16GB
    Price from €3.12 /unit
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  1. ESPRESSO Ceramic coffee cup and saucer
    Price from €0.69 /unit
  2. MADAME Desk bag hanger
    Price from €0.84 /unit
  3. Ecological
    SUBER A5 notebook with cork cover
    Price from €1.70 /unit
  4. Ecological
    DAUBER Honey jar and dispenser set
    Price from €3.14 /unit
  5. GRASS NOTES Notebook A5 grass paper
    Price from €4.33 /unit
  6. Ecological
    BEEBEE SET Set of 3 flower honeys
    Price from €6.03 /unit
  7. Kisto Magnet
    Price from €0.02 /unit
  8. Polyester rolof flags
    Price from €0.05 /unit
  9. Ecological
    Bilsom Fan
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  10. Hiners Saddle Band
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  11. pai pai style weddings
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  12. olmux coasters
    Price from €0.24 /unit
  13. Faux leather faudok purse weddings
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  14. Ecological
    Tadiok Keychain
    Price from €0.34 /unit
  15. Ecological
    Karzak bag
    Price from €0.37 /unit
  16. yakari fridge magnets
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  17. demonstrations harvey sunglasses
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  18. Ecological
    Cruffid Keychain
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  19. Ecological
    Arendel Mirror
    Price from €0.45 /unit
  20. Salvit Sunglasses
    Price from €0.49 /unit
  21. Wedding sunglasses nixtu
    Price from €0.59 /unit
  22. Ecological
    Murfix bag
    Price from €0.59 /unit
  23. Ecological
    miley bag
    Price from €0.60 /unit
  24. Wedding wooden mikar fan
    Price from €0.60 /unit
  25. Recommended
    Demonstrations wooden folklore fan
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  26. Ecological
    Ranigang keychain
    Price from €0.80 /unit
  27. Esprit Mug
    Price from €0.83 /unit
  28. Ecological
    Klamax Notepad
    Price from €1.12 /unit
  29. Brant Sublimation Mug
    Price from €1.13 /unit
  30. Crystal raptol takeaway cups
    Price from €1.43 /unit
  31. Ecological
    Syntax Mug
    Price from €1.44 /unit
  32. Ecological
    Lixus Mug
    Price from €1.46 /unit
  33. Nesy polyester winter hats
    Price from €1.61 /unit
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224 items

Long live the bride and groom! In this Garrampa online category you have a wide selection of personalized wedding gifts and succeed with your guests. Take a look at this catalog of cheap, but quality wedding supplies. Customize these original wedding gifts and surprise your friends and family. We have all kinds of elegant and functional wedding details like our cocktail or wine sets, as well as a whole series of super practical bags made of fabric. But the thing doesn't end here: custom fans , candles, air fresheners and candle holders, USB flash drives to give away at weddings, bookmarks, card holders, purse mirrors, folding brushes, coasters, candies, toiletry bags, sunglasses (and better carry a hangover), pins ... everything!  Original wedding gifts for women or men that will not leave anyone indifferent. Enter now and take a look at all our customizable wedding items for both the couple and the guests.

Original details to give to wedding guests

Indeed, among Garrampa's personalized wedding gifts, those personalized gifts for wedding guests stand out in the first place. Those details with which the future marriage will surprise those close to you and that are usually deposited at the diner's place. Take a look at these details to give very cheap and original personalized wedding guests . And is that everyone wants to have the wedding of their dreams ... and more, if your guests are happy with their gift for being part of the most important day of your life. Therefore, you already know what you have to do!  Visit the Garrampa website and also make your guests protagonists. Take advantage of and carry out a unique detail like the entire range of pendrives to give at weddings or, for the most flirtatious, all our mirrors. And may they be divine in your day!

Details to give to the bride and groom

On the other hand, at Garrampa we propose different ideas to give to the bride and groom at a wedding . Everything will depend on your personal tastes or, even, on the honeymoon itself. Want to know more? For example, if you are looking for a personal and intimate wedding gift for the bride and groom, one idea is to personalize one of our notebooks and have each guest dedicate a few words to the couple.  An original, cheap and, above all, very emotional gift. Likewise, if the future couple goes to an exotic place with a honeymoon beach, you will be able to prepare their kit of honeymoon ! Customize your fan or paipai and add to this pack some sunglasses, a beach bag, a sun hat or a hairbrush, among others. Get creative with one of our personalized wedding gifts!  And that giving at a wedding is not synonymous with a lot of money.

Frequently asked questions about Wedding

What personalisation can be done on wedding favours?

Personalization will depend on the wedding gift you choose. Choose your wedding detail on our website and in the product description we indicate what its customization is. For example, mugs are a very successful wedding gift and you can stamp them 360º all over the surface or on one side only. Wedding fans can be marked on the fabric or on the rod. The bags allow many options: marking on one side or both, with one color, several or full color. Some ideas on how to personalize your wedding gift is by adding your names, the date of the link, a meaningful message for you or an image of yourself. If the wedding is small, you can also deliver personalized wedding gifts with the names of your guests.

What to choose if I want the best wedding gift for my guests?

This will depend mainly on your tastes and those of the guests. Among the requirements that a perfect wedding gift must meet, it must be a useful and elegant detail. So that your guests always keep a special memory of your day, it is essential that the gift is personalized.

What kind of wedding gifts do you have?

We have a wide variety of wedding details to give to your guests, so it is normal that you do not know very well what to give. We propose some original ideas for personalized wedding gifts. We have a wide range of details for the bride and groom and guests: keychains, wedding usb, pai pai and wedding fans, personalized badges, wedding USB, mirrors, wedding candles, personalized cloth bags, frames and many more original wedding gifts .

Do you have wedding gifts for women and for men?

Yes, in our personalized wedding gifts section you will find perfect items regardless of the gender of your guests. We not only have original wedding gifts for women and men, but there are also some special ones for children.