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  1. ziant folding umbrella
    Price from €1.59 /unit
  2. Classic spinet umbrellas
    Price from €2.23 /unit
  3. Classic santy umbrellas
    Price from €2.38 /unit
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  1. Folding umbrella with silver interior
    Price from €3.37 /unit
  2. 27 automatic umbrella with eva handle
    Price from €4.45 /unit
  3. umbrella 21
    Price from €4.70 /unit
  4. Windproof umbrella 23
    Price from €5.08 /unit
  5. Ecological
    GRUSA Umbrella 27" windproof
    Price from €5.30 /unit
  6. umbrella 27
    Price from €5.41 /unit
  7. GENTLEMEN Luxe 21 automatic umbrella
    Price from €5.44 /unit
  8. Ecological
    folding umbrella
    Price from €5.60 /unit
  9. Windproof umbrella 23
    Price from €6.60 /unit
  10. VISIBRELLA Reflective umbrella
    Price from €7.75 /unit
  11. Ecological
    LEEDS Umbrella 23\'\'
    Price from €7.90 /unit
  12. DUNDEE Reversible umbrella
    Price from €10.01 /unit
  13. CALA Umbrella with wooden handle
    Price from €2.92 /unit
  14. Umbrella with handle and wooden cane
    Price from €3.27 /unit
  15. Thick polyester advertising umbrellas
    Price from €4.68 /unit
  16. mara umbrella
    Price from €0.95 /unit
  17. Vera Umbrella
    Price from €1.00 /unit
  18. Rantolf Umbrella
    Price from €1.51 /unit
  19. On Sale
    ziant folding umbrella
    Price from €1.59 /unit
  20. dropex classic umbrella
    Price from €1.65 /unit
  21. Corlet Umbrella
    Price from €2.01 /unit
  22. Classic meslop umbrellas
    Price from €2.14 /unit
  23. On Sale
    Classic spinet umbrellas
    Price from €2.23 /unit
  24. Classic cladok plastic umbrellas
    Price from €2.37 /unit
  25. On Sale
    Classic santy umbrellas
    Price from €2.38 /unit
  26. Fantux Umbrella
    Price from €2.90 /unit
  27. classic kolper plastic umbrella
    Price from €3.09 /unit
  28. Large golf umbrella panan xl
    Price from €3.26 /unit
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107 items

Let the rain not be an obstacle to show off your brand logo!  Our advertising umbrellas will be a clear seal in your street marketing campaign. Get now one of our cheap personalized umbrellas, ideal for any time of year and any weather. In summer, they will protect you from the sun; while in winter they will be your ally against snowflakes. Take a look at all our types of personalized umbrellas with advertising , available in different sizes and colors. At Garrampa we have a wide variety of umbrellas: yellow, red, blue, green, pink, black, white ... Not forgetting, our entire line of personalized transparent and multicolored umbrellas . Discover our golf umbrellas now, as well as the automatic, reversible and ecological models, too. Also, you will find in this section folding umbrellas for the bag or with a windbreak system.

Promotional umbrellas screen-printed with your logo

Do you want to carry out a functional and highly visible company gift? Personalized umbrellas with the company logo are an ideal gift for any type of person. Indeed, in our online catalog you will also find personalized umbrellas for children , a good gift for the little ones, because personalized umbrellas with advertising are suitable for all kinds of occasions. To begin with, if at a fair or congress you make umbrellas among your personalized gifts, you are sure to succeed! In addition, our designs are exclusive and refined . These corporate gifts will help you build customer loyalty, so do not hesitate and place your order for personalized umbrellas with your brand name, your logo or claim and promote the branding of your brand. Cheap personalized umbrellas are highly effective items in campaigns and promotions. On the other hand, we can't think of a better gift for a school.  Personalized umbrellas for teachers are very fashionable. Or if not, imagine that excursion and that teacher, raising the umbrella to call his students. No student will get lost! So yes, whatever your need, our personalized advertising umbrellas are super practical. An ideal gift for all types of people.

Cheap umbrellas to give to clients

At Garrampa we not only have personalized umbrellas for teachers, not at all! In fact, we believe that our personalized umbrellas with advertising are the best claim for your customers. Think about it: useful, unisex and highly visible . In addition, they are adaptable to different tastes, styles and budgets. If you know who your buyer persona is, you will know which personalized umbrella with advertising they will love. It should be noted that, in our online catalog of customizable umbrellas, we prioritize quality.  They are resistant, foldable, easy to transport and store and very useful models. In addition, the umbrella has always been a highly sought-after fashion accessory. So why not customize an umbrella and give it to our best customer or employee?

Frequently asked questions about Custom umbrellas

Why buy personalised umbrellas at Garrampa?

Garrampa is a supplier of advertising umbrellas that can be personalized with a logo, text or a slogan, at a low price. For many years, we have personalized umbrellas using the technique of screen printing or transfer, in our workshops, with our highly qualified production team experienced in the most innovative stamping techniques, which allows us to control costs and the quality of personalized umbrellas. and delivery times. That's why thousands of customers trust us to buy their advertising umbrellas. These custom umbrellas are ideal for any outdoor event, travel, picnics ,. They can be a good travel companion, since we have small folding umbrellas in our catalog. We put at your disposal an extensive catalog of personalized umbrellas for businesses, associations and schools. These advertising umbrellas are ideal for advertising your business, brand, etc. , to offer as a gift to your customers. Customize your umbrellas with your logo, or with a promotional message for an original corporate gift. Do not hesitate to consult the catalog available on our website.

How to choose an advertising umbrella?

To choose your personalized umbrella, it is convenient to ask yourself a few questions: Do I need the umbrellas for an event or personalized to give to my team? Are they umbrellas to give away as propaganda for my company, school, commercial establishment? These questions will help you make the right choice. Depending on use and weather conditions, custom umbrellas can be used in summer to protect from the sun, or in winter to protect from rain. It is an article that fits perfectly at any time of year in which we want to offer it as a gift to advertise, since there are cheap advertising umbrellas for all tastes and at all prices and in multiple colors and sizes. marketing event or commercial operation, it is also convenient to know the quality that we want to offer to our clients, as well as the size. Our catalog of advertising umbrellas is very wide with many models to satisfy all our customers. We have umbrellas with 4, 6 or 8 sides, with classic automatic or manual opening or windbreaker. You can also choose a large, medium or pocket size as an option. Why choose a large size umbrella? You can choose a large umbrella to protect up to two people as they offer a large protection surface with diameters between 120 and 150 centimeters, ideal to protect from the rain while walking with your partner or friend.Why choose a medium custom umbrella? Choosing a medium size custom umbrella is perfect to equip your staff or to offer your customers as a practical and useful in times of rain. With its ergonomic or cane-shaped handles, we have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Surely there is a model available that adapts to your wishes and your budget. With its intermediate sizes, this advertising umbrella offers a large printing area, usable to stamp the image of your company or association clearly and effectively.Why choose a personalized mini pocket umbrella? This personalized umbrella size is more practical for the city due to its compact dimensions, which allows it to be carried in a bag or backpack. They are available with automatic or manual opening and in many colors. You can also choose a custom folding umbrella model, ideal and highly functional to offer as a gift to clients, family members, or for business or private meetings. You can offer it during your company events, such as a seminar or a trade fair, but also during sporting and cultural events for attendees. Advertising umbrellas have an excellent quality / price ratio, which allows us to make this article a medium Marketing advertising that makes your brand, logo or advertising message spread very well, making a personalized umbrella the best ambassador of your brand.At Garrampa we can offer you personalized professional umbrellas in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. the catalog on our website.

What printing technique should I choose for a personalised umbrella?

Once you have chosen your advertising umbrella, you will be able to choose from different printing techniques to mark them. Screen printing is the most widely used printing technique for simple marks, it is a technique that can be expensive for small quantities. The silkscreen transfer for printing logos in various colors is the recommended technique. For the printing areas, you have the option of printing one side or two sides, on the four sides or on the eight sides of the umbrella, depending on your budget.To correctly choose the stamping technique for a custom umbrella, we need to know the size of the marking that we want, if it is a simple logo or in full color, or it is a phrase. These simple questions will allow you to define your budget for the purchase of your advertising umbrellas at an economical price, to offer as a corporate gift to your employees or clients. The option of customizing the umbrellas is very interesting. Take advantage of these great visibility possibilities to make your company or association visible abroad. Putting your logo on the advertising umbrella is the communication tool to be seen by all. Consult our extensive catalog on our website.

What is the delivery time for advertising umbrellas?

At Garrampa we can offer you a wide range of personalized umbrellas at cheap prices, delivered within 10-12 business days from the confirmation of the virtual sample. For orders of advertising umbrellas from outside Spain, the term will depend on the country of destination and the duration of the transport. For urgent orders in Spain, we can offer an express delivery time of 4-5 business days, for a certain selection of umbrellas to offer as a gift for any promotional event. Do not hesitate to consult the extensive catalog on the web.

What printing can I choose for advertising umbrellas?

To choose the right customization for an umbrella, you have to take into account the design of the logo or text, the number of umbrellas, and the number of colors that the logo or text has. Garrampa offers personalized umbrellas with your logo or text. See the range of cheap advertising umbrellas. Why customize umbrellas? The custom umbrella used outside during a professional or trade event or at a promotional fair will protect your teams from bad weather. The personalized advertising umbrella is a high-end gift that is given to the customer to thank and please. The advertising umbrella is an essential element to protect yourself from the rain. Take advantage of these great visibility possibilities to get your company or association talked about. Putting your logo on the advertising umbrella is the communication tool to be seen by all. What are the printing techniques and areas? Once you have chosen your advertising umbrella, you will be able to choose between different printing techniques to mark your custom umbrellas: Screen printing is the most commonly used printing technique for 1- or 2-color designs, and digital printing for multi-color logos. For the printing areas, you have the option of printing from one segment to the total number of segments if your budget allows it, different options to choose from to obtain an original and unique personalized umbrella.

What are the dimensions of the umbrellas to be personalised?

Knowing the size of custom promotional umbrellas helps you know if the umbrella suits your needs and style. Classic advertising umbrellas are between 20 and 40 inches in diameter, those in common use are usually less than 30 inches. When you find written that a promotional umbrella measures 21 inches, it means that it has a radius of 53.5 cm and the diameter under the umbrella is 95 cm, so it covers an area of ​​approximately 89.8 cm². If you are looking for an umbrella with a large coverage area, it is good to go for 29 inch promotional umbrellas that have a 73.5 cm radius and a diameter under the umbrella of 131 cm, so that they can cover an area of ​​169.6 cm .

Discover in this video our advantages of buying custom umbrellas in garrampa.

At garrampa we offer numerous advantages when buying your personalized umbrella with your logo or design. Discover the best prices and our fast shipping when you buy your advertising umbrellas with us.