Personalized advertising keyrings

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  1. Coltax keychain
    Price from €0.30 /unit
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  1. Timpax original keychains
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  2. Stiked Opener Keychain
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  3. Metal samo bottle opener keychains
    Price from €0.11 /unit
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  1. VISIBLE RING Reflective vest keychain
    Price from €0.14 /unit
  2. Ecological
    AUKIO RPET Felt Keychain
    Price from €0.16 /unit
  3. Ecological
    SUORA RPET felt keychain
    Price from €0.21 /unit
  4. TOKENRING Keychain currency (EUR) cart
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  5. CAP Keychain with cap
    Price from €0.34 /unit
  6. keychain flashlight ok
    Price from €0.34 /unit
  7. Metal bottle opener keychain
    Price from €0.67 /unit
  8. Ecological
    BOAT Floating Cork Keychain
    Price from €0.69 /unit
  9. ARIZO Keychain with Mini Flashlight
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  10. Ecological
    BALLARAT Round and bamboo keychain
    Price from €0.77 /unit
  11. Ecological
    BLESS Rectangular and bamboo keychain
    Price from €0.77 /unit
  12. Round keychain with token
    Price from €0.90 /unit
  13. Llaveros forma animales nil de varios materiales para personalizar vista 1
    NIL Keychain with teddy bear
    Price from €1.16 /unit
  14. Multi-ring keychain and pu leather strap
    Price from €1.25 /unit
  15. Llaveros personalizados alarmy de plástico vista 2
    Plastic alarmy advertising keyrings
    Price from €1.73 /unit
  16. Ecological
    CLAUER Keychain with bamboo shell
    Price from €1.87 /unit
  17. locator device
    Price from €3.47 /unit
  18. HEIM House-shaped metal keyring
    Price from €0.29 /unit
  19. Double keyring in the shape of a house
    Price from €0.93 /unit
  20. world map keychain
    Price from €1.00 /unit
  21. Classic square keyring in a box
    Price from €1.05 /unit
  22. Llaveros clásicos nicles de fieltro vista 1
    Nickles Keychain
    Price from €0.02 /unit
  23. Ibershop Coin Keychains
    Price from €0.04 /unit
  24. Yeko Keychain
    Price from €0.05 /unit
  25. On Sale
    Timpax original keychains
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  26. Koreflect keychain
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  27. Zabax Coin Keychains
    Price from €0.07 /unit
  28. Keychain with coin for the car
    Price from €0.07 /unit
  29. Napil multifunction keychains
    Price from €0.07 /unit
  30. cliff plus metal bottle opener keychains
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  31. Teruk Opener Keychain
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  32. Frits Coin Keychain
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  33. On Sale
    Stiked Opener Keychain
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  34. Metal ibik animal-shaped keyrings
    Price from €0.11 /unit
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189 items

Are you looking for a functional and original gift to give to your clients? At Garrampa we have this entire line of personalized advertising keyrings that will surely not leave anyone indifferent.  Original keychains with which to surprise both customers, suppliers or partners; as close friends. And it is that our engraved personalized keychains are a very nice souvenir for special occasions such as baptisms or communions. A merchandising with which you will not only keep your keys safely, but this personalized merchandising has multiple functions . Discover all our models of keychains with suction cup to hang, personalized bottle opener keychains , with v-ray detector, with carabiner, with coin for the supermarket trolley, with tape measure, our entire range of keychain with flashlight ( some are solar-powered), with a compass, with an alarm, with charging cables, antibacterial key rings ... all kinds of cheap personalized key rings are waiting for you at Garrampa!

Keychain merchandising wholesale

What are you waiting for to order personalized advertising keyrings? Remember: the more you order, the cheaper it will be. Indeed, ordering keyrings for wholesale advertising will allow you to get highly competitive prices . Discover now all our models of key rings, made of different materials such as wood, cork or metal. We also have a selection of ecological keychainsAnd is that promotional keyrings are a personal and practical gift. Because everyone needs a personalized advertising keychain! In fact, if you want to personalize keyrings online with Garrampa, you have 2 options: choose one of our engraved keyrings and emboss your logo or phrase (you even have the possibility of making your keyring with an engraved photo) or personalize keychains with characteristic shapes that go with the theme of the company. In this way, the perfect personalized keyrings for real estate are those keyrings in the shape of a house. Make your marketing campaign with this fundamental everyday object. Consult Garrampa's online catalog now and discover the wide selection of beautiful customizable keychains.

Promotional keyrings to give away

Our personalized advertising keyrings are a great gift to make on special occasions such as christening keyrings, Father's Day keyrings or keyrings for couples, so ideal for parties such as anniversaries, weddings or Valentine's Day .  Enter now in this section of promotional keyrings to give away! We have keyrings in the shape of a teddy bear, in gift kits, with locator device, with pillbox, with rain poncho, keychains with USB memory, with mobile phone support and even a whistle. You can also personalize key rings with that person's name . All are advantages! Dive into our wide variety of personalized advertising keyrings, choose the one you like the most!

Frequently asked questions about Personalized keychains

Why buy promotional key rings?

Your promotional keychain can be the lifeline for your customers that will not be forgotten. As we often say, the most effective promotional items for your company or brand are the most useful, those that have daily use and everyday visibility. The more useful your customer finds your promotional item, the more impressions and brand loyalty that item will generate. There is nothing more useful or ubiquitous than a keychain. In addition to keeping our all-important keys in one place, a keychain makes the small items we use every day - nail clippers, store loyalty tags, flashlights, bottle openers, USB sticks - close at hand and accessible, so if you do not have your key ring at hand, you are looking for it.

What types of promotional key rings do you have?

What we call standard keyrings is a general category that incorporates keyrings and various novelty items such as zipper pulls and floats. Metal Keychains While there is a lot to be said for keychains as a promotional item for their usefulness and universality, keychains can also be beautiful, and our selection of metal keychains includes many artistic pieces that, after engraving, make great favors for weddings, gifts. for executives and employee rewards Unique Keychains This category is a collection of keychains that don't easily fit into the other categories, which means that some of the most interesting promotional items can be found here, with something to meet almost any campaign need .

How to buy promotional key rings?

There are a couple of considerations to take into account when selecting the right keychain for your promotion. In addition to finding a keychain that matches your business or event, it is important to consider the size of the keychain. Although many people have started to carry their keys in carabiners, belt clips and lanyards, most of your customers will continue to carry their keys in pockets and purses. A large or bulky keychain, such as one used for stress relief, can be too unwieldy for a pocket and end up in a drawer where it is useless for promotion. In the same way, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the keychain that will not only travel with the user, but will also hang from the car contact.

Can I see a simulation of the personalised keyring?

Of course! The procedure to request the graphic simulation of your order is very simple and intuitive, but remember that our staff is always at your disposal to help you in case of doubts or special needs. Select the keychain model you want to customize, the quantity and the colors. to make a budget. When you are requested to also attach any file (photo or image) or text that you want to insert: the design department will quickly create the sketch, a document that shows what your advertising keychains will be like and that you can modify or confirm, hence the start of the processing of your order. At this point you just have to wait for the arrival of your personalized keychains on the date that you found indicated in your quote. In general, the production and delivery times depend mainly on the chosen model and can vary from 7 to 10 business days. If you need to receive your order in less time, you can contact our customer service to request an advance shipping service for a small surcharge.

What models of cheap key rings do you recommend?

At Garrampa you have many options to choose from! The logo keyrings that we have available are divided by material to help the customer select the model that best suits their needs: the plastic ones are ideal for those who want to make personalized inexpensive keyrings to give to their customers on special occasions, but also You will find several very versatile and refined metal models, in addition to the dual-function ones, such as key rings equipped with bottle openers or a small flashlight, with the tab for the shopping cart, very practical when going to the supermarket and, for customers . most elegant, timeless models in leather

What is the best printing technique for promotional key fobs?

The printing technique that we would like to recommend for those who want to make elegant keyrings with a customization that will last over time is that of laser engraving. This technique is only recommended for metal keyrings, as the strength of this material allows for particularly good results. However, even cheap keychains can be personalized in a durable and original way: depending on the model you prefer, in fact, you can personalize your merchandising keychain with photos or with printing of up to two colors.

Discover in this video all the reasons to buy our personalized keychains

At garrampa we offer you a wide variety of keychains to personalize, discover in this video all the reasons why you should buy your keychains at garrampa. The best prices combined with great commercial attention.