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  1. Otros accesorios de viaje roly complemento marathon de poliéster con publicidad vista 1
    MARATHON Complement
    Price from €1.60 /unit
  2. Midjansi Bracelet
    Price from €0.04 /unit
  3. hirion bracelet
    Price from €0.05 /unit
  4. Dress accessories dala bracelet
    Price from €0.12 /unit
  5. Many Bracelet
    Price from €0.15 /unit
  6. Lysia Bag Keychain
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  7. Diliap bracelet
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  8. Pleus Adjustable Ring
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  9. Helant Adjustable Ring
    Price from €0.47 /unit
  10. Scarf Petra
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  11. Zook Adjustable Ring
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  12. Hansok Adjustable Ring
    Price from €0.63 /unit
  13. Moss earrings
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  14. Magnolia Pashmina
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  15. Salma metal ring holder accessories
    Price from €0.87 /unit
  16. Dress accessories polyester look belt
    Price from €0.88 /unit
  17. lantha necklace
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  18. Mauve necklace
    Price from €1.10 /unit
  19. rosix polyester beach towels
    Price from €1.21 /unit
  20. Aunix earrings
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  21. taris earrings
    Price from €1.26 /unit
  22. Clothing accessories mirtox cotton scarf
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  23. bawox-necklace
    Price from €1.51 /unit
  24. Neisa bracelet
    Price from €1.51 /unit
  25. loffy bracelet
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  26. Rousse-Earrings
    Price from €2.00 /unit
  27. Tegux Adjustable Ring
    Price from €2.00 /unit
  28. Dream earrings
    Price from €2.21 /unit
  29. Cercles bracelet clothing accessories
    Price from €3.36 /unit
  30. gold necklace
    Price from €4.40 /unit
  31. atlan necklace
    Price from €4.99 /unit
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77 items

Discover in this section a large selection of personalized clothing accessories as gifts. The best collection of fashion accessories, with which to carry out the branding of your company or brand.  Jewelry, costume jewelery, hair accessories, accessories of all kinds, articles related to clothing ... we have everything to make you trend! For example, bracelets for events, personalized necklaces, cheap rings, earrings, barrettes, jewelers, ring holders… Also, as personalized gift clothing accessories we have a wide variety of belts, scarves, suspenders, etc. Also in our online store of personalized clothing accessories as a gift in Zaragoza we have custom shoelaces, keyrings, bag hangers ... enter this section of Garrampa now!

Clothing accessories to give away

Are you looking for a personalized fashion gift that is elegant and sophisticated at the same time? At Garrampa we have what you were looking for. Make that special gift to those loyal customers, with whom you will dazzle with the best fashion brands on the market.Also, our personalized gift clothing accessories are an ideal item for family celebrations. Indeed, we are thinking about weddings. And it is that all our range of personalized wedding pashmina is ideal to give to your guests. In addition to being a great ally against the cold, you can personalize this personalized clothing accessory as a gift with the date of the wedding or the name of the bride and groom. We have a wide range of personalized shawls and scarves! And you, what do you prefer for them: a green scarf or a fuchsia scarf? Take a look at all the possibilities! And for them? We also have the best personalized clothing accessories as a gift!  We have customizable ties , on which we can also embroider the same design as on the shawls. Are you going to miss them?

Clothing accessories screen-printed with logo

In this Garrampa fashion selection, we have compiled the most useful and chic gift personalized clothing accessories . We want you to make the best gift of fashion accessories for that special day or event. You can use the silkscreen technique to personalize ties, belts for men or women, as well as our personalized pashminas. On the other hand, we have a great variety of fabric bracelets that are great merchandising. These bracelets are not only going to be the identifying mark in events of all kinds, but they can also become a great gift to make with friends of the rock, at a bachelorette party or, even, as a detail in a summer camp .