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Do you want to give to that special person? Are you looking for a way to retain customers? Do you want to value the work of your employees and do not know how? At Garrampa we have all this selection of gifts and personalized accessories, in which you can capture anything from an emotional message to your company logo or slogan . Discover all these original gifts such as our personalized keychains, which have multiple functions such as USB or flashlight. We also have fans and sunglasses: the best personalized gifts for the summer. On the other hand, for rainy days, our wide variety of umbrellas will be perfect for you. Do not forget to see our different articles for smokers or clothing accessories, with which you will be in the latest fashion! In short, in this section of Garrampa you will find gifts for men, women and children . Welcome!

Gifts and accessories for clients

Rewarding loyalty, productivity or commitment to your business is possible with these personalized gifts and accessories from Garrampa. And we are your gift shop and personalized accessories in Zaragoza, which distributes all kinds of gifts personalized for clients, suppliers or even employees. For example, if your client smokes, our promotional smoking articles such as our advertising lighters are original gifts for both women and men. Likewise, in nightclubs or bars, one of the most popular gifts and personalized accessories are fans. Remember: you can carry out different types of stamping, such as printing , and thus capture motivating phrases for your employees or your company logo itself!

Gifts and accessories with your printed logo

Both to create a direct marketing campaign, and to retain or give as gifts to potential customers;  our personalized gifts and accessories with your brand logo are an excellent option. For example, if you are thinking of giving your employees some cheap, functional and beautiful personalized gifts; from Garrampa we offer you our entire series of keychains with photos. Personalize them with the photo of the Christmas dinner or another important event of your company, and make a very useful gift and personalized accessory! Also, the colored bracelets for Garrampa events are a personalized detail, perfect for a celebration internal such as the birthday of one of the workers, without going any further. Finally, umbrellas are the kind of personalized gifts for women and men that are always appreciated. Some super practical personalized gifts and accessories with which your brand will always be present. Discover this Garrampa online section! Get your gift and personalized accessory now and surprise them. For any questions, our technical team is available!