Inexpensive advertising toolkit

  1. XD Collection 6
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25 Items

  1. Flashlight and tools set
    Price from €4.59 /unit
  2. ALOQUIN Multikit with pliers
    Price from €5.12 /unit
  3. Technological set with case
    Price from €14.51 /unit
  4. Tool set 25 pieces
    Price from €5.49 /unit
  5. Congus tools set tools kit
    Price from €3.44 /unit
  6. Tool kit set tools wheels
    Price from €4.05 /unit
  7. Mostik tool set tool kit
    Mostik tool set tool kit
    Price from €4.85 /unit
  8. Vizcaya tools set tools kit
    Price from €4.99 /unit
  9. Ambery Tools Set
    Price from €6.08 /unit
  10. Pocket bit set 13 pieces
    Price from €3.31 /unit
  11. 3 pcs wooden garden set
    Price from €4.96 /unit
  12. 38-piece tool set
    Price from €7.42 /unit
  13. Quattro adventure set
    Price from €8.23 /unit
  14. Multitool and flashlight set
    Price from €15.66 /unit
  15. Excalibur tool with head set
    Price from €18.17 /unit
  16. Kit herramientas chert. set de mini herramientas de poliéster vista 2
    Chert tool kit. polyester mini tool set
    Price from €0.47 /unit
  17. Kit herramientas basalt. set de mini herramientas de metal con logo vista 2
    Basalt tool kit. metal mini tool set
    Price from €0.61 /unit
  18. Kit herramientas toolpen. set de mini herramientas de metal con impresión vista 1
    Toolpen tool kit. metal mini tool set
    Price from €0.91 /unit
  19. Kit herramientas bennet. set de herramientas con impresión vista 2
    BENNET. Tool set
    Price from €4.76 /unit
  20. Tuff tool kit. metal tool set
    Price from €7.15 /unit
  21. Kit herramientas magnum . set de herramientas de metal con publicidad vista 4
    MAGNUM. Tool set
    Price from €10.17 /unit
Set Descending Direction

25 Items

Custom tool kits and sets, special for advertising and marketing give utility and quality! Help your customers and employees to comfortably carry out tasks at home and in the office with the varied selection of advertising tool kits and boxes that we offer in Tick. Our toolboxes stamped with your company name or logo are one of the best choices to promote your brand.

Complete and very practical toolbox

Help your employees and customers to do DIY tasks comfortably. These tool sets are not only very useful for the most handyman, but they are suitable for all types of public, making them an essential item at home. At Garrampa we customize advertising tool kits with screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and even practical tool covers. Everything you need in any rush!

Tool set printed with your logo

Do you follow our advice? Bet on the recognized brands and the quality of Dunlop, one of our star references. Another highly demanded option is to stamp your logo on some shoulder bags that inside carry a kit of very useful advertising tools for unions such as electricians, plumbers or small home installers. Take the opportunity to take your marketing campaign to all types of audiences with Garrampa!