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  1. Linternas triled con publicidad vista 1
    tri-led flashlights
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  2. Linternas dromo de plástico con logo vista 2
    Plastic dome lanterns
    Price from €0.42 /unit
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  1. ROBIN LED torch
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  2. Tool set and flashlight
    Price from €0.85 /unit
  3. Led flashlight with keychain and opener
    Price from €1.01 /unit
  4. Linternas flexilight de plástico para personalizar vista 1
    New product
    Plastic flexilight flashlights
    Price from €1.38 /unit
  5. Set of reflective lights for bicycle
    Price from €1.59 /unit
  6. Flashlight and tools set
    Price from €4.59 /unit
  7. multipurpose flashlight
    Price from €5.61 /unit
  8. led flashlight in gift box
    Price from €2.91 /unit
  9. Linternas tinga vista 1
    Flashlight Pen Tinga
    Price from €0.10 /unit
  10. Bolígrafos multifunción senter con publicidad vista 1
    senter multifunction pens
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  11. thelix lanterns
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  12. flonse lanterns
    Price from €0.28 /unit
  13. Linternas bimox para personalizar vista 1
    bimox lanterns
    Price from €0.35 /unit
  14. kapnos lanterns
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  15. metal kinley lanterns
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  16. Vilatak Lamp
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  17. Linternas triled con publicidad vista 1
    On Sale
    tri-led flashlights
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  18. Linternas hespar con logo vista 1
    hespar flashlights
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  19. Lyena Lamp
    Price from €0.49 /unit
  20. Linternas delbin de metal con impresión vista 1
    metal delbin lanterns
    Price from €0.53 /unit
  21. flashlights
    Price from €0.54 /unit
  22. doctor flashlights
    Price from €0.58 /unit
  23. Vilox flashlight
    Price from €0.61 /unit
  24. nadiak lanterns
    Price from €0.62 /unit
  25. metal conny lanterns
    Price from €0.76 /unit
  26. silicone plaup flashlights
    Price from €0.78 /unit
  27. Moltar lantern
    Price from €0.93 /unit
  28. reading flashlights
    Price from €0.93 /unit
  29. Fillex Flashlight
    Price from €0.95 /unit
  30. metal biddick lanterns
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  31. metal loky lanterns
    Price from €2.49 /unit
  32. Trend Emergency Light
    Price from €3.22 /unit
  33. Linternas talos con logo vista 1
    talus lanterns
    Price from €4.28 /unit
  34. Orizons yunaz metal penknives
    Price from €4.50 /unit
  35. Aluminum Quattro Flashlight
    Price from €1.70 /unit
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86 items

Portable lanterns and personalized keychain lanterns to illuminate your brand and take it further, discover the entire assortment! Personalized counters, with the company logo, are very popular promotional gifts at construction and architecture fairs and events. Additionally, custom gauges can also be used as corporate merchandise for employees who work in the field and need to take measurements. We have different counter models, in keychain format or in any case pocket size with handle, all customizable with your company logo Promotional torches are original advertising products to offer to customers in case their marketing campaign wishes to communicate curiosity or adventure. In our collection you will find custom LED flashlights available in keychain, pocket, lanyard or scan version, ready to be personalized with your company logo in just a few clicks. If you have any problem, doubt or curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you achieve the best result for a perfect corporate gift.

Promotional flashlights printed with your design

Are you still one of those who turns to mobile to illuminate any situation? Shed a little light with the right instrument: our advertising lanterns. They are never left over at home, or in the car; You can take them on a camping trip or on an excursion, and they will surely help you in more than one moment. We have small and large ones, so that you always carry them with your keys or in the glove compartment, useful at any time, and ensuring maximum brand visibility.

Flashlights to give to your business clients

A flashlight can be your perfect tool in the garage, as a rescue kit, or at a festival. We have dozens of references to surprise the most curious, which makes this type of merchandising perfect to give away at an event: keychain flashlights, with carabiner, for doctors, in the shape of a pen, with double LEDs ... all models within the reach of a single click, contact us!