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    Automobile metal skabix snow shovel
    Price from €4.54 /unit

Custom multifunction tools for all types of arrangements and be ready in any situation

Advertising tools to give away

One of these custom multifunction tools could save you from a tight spot, which is why these tools are a practical and useful gift for your handyman customers. Any of our tools has several functions, such as cutting, screwing, lighting, etc., and can be used in different environments such as nature when you go camping, in the car as a means of signaling and lighting, or as a tool kit for the "botches" from home.

Promotional tools with your logo

Are you thinking of fixing a part of your house, and you don't want your tools to take up excessive space in the storage room? For this situation we have multifunction customizable tools with which with a single article you can perform several fixing actions. It is one of the most exciting gifts for business customers, due to the versatility they offer. We also offer a tool kit so you have all the repair options in one box.