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15 Items

  1. Pañuelos lisos roly jaranero de poliéster vista 1
    JARANERO Scarf
    Price from €0.33 /unit
  2. Plus Scarf
    Price from €0.20 /unit
  3. Kozma cummerbund scarf
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  4. Garfy cotton bandana party scarves
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  5. muslin scarf
    Price from €6.34 /unit
  6. Company "Colours" scarf
    Price from €7.34 /unit
  7. Party - Bandana
    Price from €0.55 /unit
  8. Pañuelos lisos valento fiesta de poliéster vista 1
    Party Polyester Triangular Scarf
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  9. Polyester Square Party Scarf 52x52
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  10. Cachirulos valento cachirulok con logo vista 1
    Square scarf 50 x 50 boy CACHIRULO - Boy
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  11. Pañuelos lisos valento gala de algodon con logo vista 1
    Gala Triangular Poplin Scarf 70x100
    Price from €0.58 /unit
  12. Pañuelos lisos valento bandana de poliéster con impresión vista 1
    Brave Square Bandana Scarf
    Price from €0.79 /unit
  13. Hierbas & falleros valento hierbas con publicidad vista 1
    HERBS Square Scarf
    Price from €0.97 /unit
  14. Pañuelos lisos valento fiesta k de poliéster con logo vista 1
    Boy\'s Party Triangular Polyester Scarf
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  15. Pañuelos lisos valento gala57x80 de algodon vista 1
    Gala Triangular Poplin Scarf 57x80
    Price from €0.58 /unit
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15 Items

Assorted scarves, scarves, foulards and bandanas to personalize with your logo or favorite motif. We have scarves in a wide variety of colors for the main festivals in your city or town. In them you can put the shield of your town, rock or city and accompany it with a phrase or slogan that represents you. There are different materials for the scarves, cotton, polyester and different sizes so that you can put them with the design that you like the most and in the place you want.

Silk-screen scarf printing

Bandanas, bandanas, scarves and much more. Discover now our personalized scarves with the logo or emblem of your town, your club or group. We specialize in scarves for parties, a very economical detail that achieves maximum visibility in festive environments, day or night. They can be worn around the neck, out of the pocket, as a wristband or attached to a bag, don't forget to use this versatile advertising claim and bet on your personalized scarves.

Promotional handkerchiefs to give away

In our catalog you will also find neck and head scarves such as foulard, in a multitude of patterns, fabrics and colors, ideal for the cooler days or to cover and protect yourself. We have all kinds of handkerchiefs that can be easily embroidered or stamped with the logo or motif you prefer, to distribute among your group, employees, suppliers, etc. We also make personalized handkerchiefs and other types of regional handkerchiefs, contact us!

Triangular party handkerchiefs to celebrate

On our website we have a wide catalog with the different types of handkerchiefs of triangular parties with stamping, since there are several models for each specific event and occasion. We have a wide range of fourteen colors, from basic colors like red, blue, green, etc. to fluorine colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. These triangular printed scarves for parties are unisex, and have different qualities and materials, such as cotton and polyester among others. We have unique sizes adapted for both men, women and children. We work with the best brands, which offer us the best qualities at the best price. The purchase prices and sales rates of the online store are indicative. And we offer a fast and efficient delivery time.

Personalized square party handkerchiefs with advertising. 

We have an extensive online catalog with different types of personalized square party scarves with advertising, since there are several models for each occasion or event. We have a wide range of fourteen colors, from basic colors like red, blue, green, etc. Even fluorine colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. These personalized square advertising party scarves can be embroidered or silk-screened with your text, crest or logo. Maximum quality in all our embroidery, serigraphs and fabrics. We have different qualities and materials, such as cotton and polyester among others. We have unique sizes as they are adaptable for both men, women and children.

Frequently asked questions about Personalized scarves

Is there a minimum order quantity for customised party scarves?

Yes, for each personalized scarf there is a minimum purchase quantity starting at 10 pieces, but large orders are not necessary. You can also buy colored scarves by ordering different colored products to create an even more eye-catching and captivating marketing campaign. All at a very low cost, which makes personalized scarves accessible even for smaller companies and can be distributed as gadgets at specific events such as fairs or parties.

How can I buy personalised triangular scarves?

The triangle scarves can be customized on almost the entire surface, just select the color of the bandana, the printing technique you prefer and the quantity. If you cannot find the right product for you online, you can send an email to our customer service specifying the number of tissues required and we will send you a quote just for you.

What are the delivery times for personalised scarves?

Standard delivery times are very fast, normally ranging between 7 and 10 days from the time of order. However, if you need the item more urgently by paying a small supplement you can anticipate the shipment. If you need help while preparing your order, you will have one of our operators ready to give you all the information you want in the chat.

What are the printing techniques for personalised logo scarves?

The handkerchiefs can be screen printed or with digital transfer. With the screen printing system you can print one or two colors, while if you use digital transfer, which is color printing, you can also print images or logos that contain nuances. In any case, before confirming the order, you can always request to receive a virtual sample of the product with personalization free of charge by email and eventually request changes.