Custom stuffed animals

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  1. Llaveros forma animales nil de varios materiales para personalizar vista 1
    NIL Keychain with teddy bear
    Price from €1.16 /unit
  2. plastic johnny plush toys
    Price from €2.03 /unit
  3. Ecological
    KLOSS Large RPET Teddy Bear
    Price from €8.63 /unit
  4. OSSET Teddy bear with blanket
    Price from €9.79 /unit
  5. Rustuff microfiber towels and bathrobes
    Price from €0.48 /unit
  6. yogi fleece blankets
    Price from €4.46 /unit
  7. Peluches grizzly de poliéster con impresión vista 2
    Polyester Grizzly Plush
    Price from €2.83 /unit
  8. Mantas moose de poliéster para personalizar vista 1
    polyester moose blankets
    Price from €7.33 /unit
  9. Binx Teddy Bear Keychain
    Price from €4.19 /unit
  10. stuffed reindeer
    Price from €4.95 /unit
  11. teddy print me
    Price from €5.08 /unit
  12. Bracken teddy bear
    Price from €5.46 /unit
  13. stuffed rabbit
    Price from €5.79 /unit
  14. Oliver teddy bear
    Price from €6.10 /unit
  15. honey teddy bear
    Price from €6.75 /unit
  16. stuffed hippo with blanket
    Price from €8.94 /unit
  17. stuffed rabbit and blanket
    Price from €9.39 /unit
  18. Cushion-Teddy Bear with zipper
    Price from €10.62 /unit
  19. Lamb Plush-Cushion with zipper
    Price from €10.62 /unit
  20. Plush owl with zipper
    Price from €10.93 /unit
  21. zipper teddy bear
    Price from €10.93 /unit
  22. plush dog with zipper
    Price from €10.93 /unit
  23. Multicolored teddy bear with zipper
    Price from €11.27 /unit
  24. zipper teddy bear
    Price from €11.27 /unit
  25. Dragon plush with zipper
    Price from €11.27 /unit
  26. Plush reindeer with zipper
    Price from €11.27 /unit
  27. Plush dinosaur with zipper
    Price from €11.52 /unit
  28. plush elephant with zipper
    Price from €11.52 /unit
  29. Plush rabbit with zipper
    Price from €11.52 /unit
  30. Fox plush with zipper
    Price from €11.90 /unit
  31. Plush angel with zipper
    Price from €11.90 /unit
  32. Plush giraffe with zipper
    Price from €11.90 /unit
  33. Santa Claus plush with zipper
    Price from €11.90 /unit
  34. Cow plush with zipper
    Price from €12.54 /unit
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44 items

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Personalized Animal Shaped Cuddly Toys to Show Loving Customers Try It Personalized plush toys are an ideal promotional gift for all age groups because you are never too big for a cuddly teddy bear. Here you will find smaller stuffed animals that can be easily stored on desks, but also larger stuffed animals that children can take wherever they want, small stuffed animals with key chains and plush covers for babies. Choose the stuffed animals you want and at Garrampa we will personalize it with your company logo or slogan and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible, in time for your promotional campaign.

Advertising stuffed animals made of plush

Stuffed animals are one of the gifts with the greatest acceptance by children, since they like both boys and girls, so a good idea to give to the children of your customers is one of our stuffed animals in this section, which You can customize with your brand logo. It is a good occasion to convey the affection you feel towards the customer or employee with this merchandising item.

Cheap stuffed animals a great promotional gift

The personalized stuffed animals are useful as a curious claim of the different events that companies organize, since in the form of gift merchandising, they have a high acceptance among all types of public due to their affectionate connotation. We have all kinds of stuffed animals, with a wide variety of animals, such as they can be in keychain format, with a blanket to match the stuffed animal, puppies and bears with a fixed base.