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  1. Buddy Spinning Top
    Price from €0.02 /unit
  2. beach games gun water bonney
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  3. polyester watson frisbee beach games
    Price from €0.18 /unit
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  1. CAPRIOLE Hula Hoop
    Price from €6.95 /unit
  2. On Sale
    Buddy Spinning Top
    Price from €0.02 /unit
  3. On Sale
    beach games gun water bonney
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  4. Bolígrafos originales pump con impresión vista 1
    Pump Ballpoint Pen
    Price from €0.12 /unit
  5. On Sale
    polyester watson frisbee beach games
    Price from €0.18 /unit
  6. Toys and puzzles viriok game
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  7. Juguetes y puzzles puzzle tangram de madera vista 1
    Toys and puzzles wooden tangram puzzle
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  8. Toys and puzzles puzzle zeta
    Price from €0.22 /unit
  9. Mazinger Mini Puzzle
    Price from €0.23 /unit
  10. On Sale
    Toys and puzzles yoyo milux
    Price from €0.23 /unit
  11. Pompero fabulak toys and puzzles
    Price from €0.24 /unit
  12. Juguetes y puzzles fidget spinner fredd con publicidad vista 1
    fidget spinner freddy
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  13. Wooden curl yoyo toys and puzzles
    Price from €0.33 /unit
  14. Ecological
    Toys and puzzles wooden sutrox puzzle
    Price from €0.36 /unit
  15. plastic girox frisbee beach games
    Price from €0.39 /unit
  16. Toys and puzzles pompero bujass
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  17. Ecological
    Prakon dominoes
    Price from €0.56 /unit
  18. Juguetes y puzzles comba galtax de madera con publicidad vista 2
    Wooden galtax rope toys and puzzles
    Price from €0.61 /unit
  19. Toys and puzzles blackboard learning
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  20. Wooden toys and puzzles jetex skill game
    Price from €0.83 /unit
  21. Tayex Skill Game
    Price from €0.89 /unit
  22. Bruffy Skill Game
    Price from €0.95 /unit
  23. Juguetes y puzzles juego habilidad dokym de madera con logo vista 1
    Wooden toys and puzzles dokym skill game
    Price from €1.18 /unit
  24. Ecological
    Game Ability Gary
    Price from €1.68 /unit
  25. Basket with suction cups and ball. play
    Price from €1.84 /unit
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82 items

Personalized advertising toys to give to the smallest customers of your company.Using promotional puzzles in advertising campaigns to launch new products or services is a great marketing strategy, because they are fun and original. In our catalog you will find different models of personalized toys: to entertain the little ones, but also various and own toys for adults. Pick the custom toy you prefer and we'll customize it for you in no time. Promotional toys are the advertising gifts par excellence in events where there are children. How about one of our promotional yo-yos or some promotional puzzles where you can stamp your logo? Personalized toys are ideal as a promotional gift, to play and to share. In addition to stamping your logo on them, you can order one of our photo toys and get a gift at the maximum level of personalization. Everyone needs a break from their work hours, promotional desk toys and games give them the distraction they need during that short break. From personalized toys with your logo, to sudokus, through personalized yo-yos, skill games or personalized soccer balls, we have a wide variety of games, promotional toys that will leave their mark on your customers. Conveying sympathy and closeness is very easy with one of these custom puzzle packs that will help your users remember your logo while playing to form it.

Wholesale toys to give to customers

Do you want to make a corporate gift for a child audience and you don't know where to start? From Garrampa we offer you various possibilities of toys so that you can give joy to your smallest clients or the children of your clients. With this selection of toys you can give a fun gift in a corporate way, since each of them has the option of being personalized with your company logo.

Promotional toys printed with your design

The best way to convey happiness and fun to a child is through toys, and in this section we give you a wide variety of fully customizable game customization possibilities, to increase the visibility of your brand to the little ones. It is a gift that will delight parents and children with different alternatives, such as the classic games of mental ability or those of physical ability such as darts with their targets.