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  1. Ecological
    4 colored pencils
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  2. BRABO Case 6 crayons
    Price from €0.16 /unit
  3. Ecological
    STREET 4 colored chalk
    Price from €0.39 /unit
  4. FLAT CASE Large paper case
    Price from €0.45 /unit
  5. Mini coloring bag
    Price from €0.62 /unit
  6. Coloring stickers with magnet
    Price from €0.88 /unit
  7. Ecological
    TODO SET Boxed set of 12 pcs
    Price from €1.52 /unit
  8. Colopad paper advertising notebooks
    Price from €1.82 /unit
  9. Pinturas colorear beau de madera vista 1
    BEAU Paint set
    Price from €1.83 /unit
  10. Ecological
    paints coloring tynie
    Price from €0.06 /unit
  11. paints coloring tune
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  12. garten coloring paints
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  13. Ecological
    Paints coloring boys
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  14. Ecological
    babys coloring paints
    Price from €0.18 /unit
  15. Tizy Non Woven Advertising Aprons
    Price from €0.24 /unit
  16. Pinturas colorear wistick no tejido con publicidad vista 1
    Paints coloring non woven wistick
    Price from €0.24 /unit
  17. Custom Backys Non Woven Drawstring Bag
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  18. Mochilas infantiles wizzy no tejido con logo vista 1
    Non-woven wizzy children\'s backpacks
    Price from €0.32 /unit
  19. paints coloring mosby non woven
    Price from €0.33 /unit
  20. Boltex coloring paints
    Price from €0.39 /unit
  21. clown coloring paints
    Price from €0.41 /unit
  22. Pinturas colorear pixi con logo vista 1
    pixi coloring paints
    Price from €0.44 /unit
  23. Ecological
    Dragon wooden cases
    Price from €0.66 /unit
  24. classic plastic fesient mug
    Price from €1.31 /unit
  25. Pinturas colorear coloured de cartón con publicidad vista 2
    COLOURED. Box with 12 colored pencils
    Price from €0.24 /unit
  26. Pinturas colorear cylinder de cartón para personalizar vista 1
    Coloring cardboard cylinder paints
    Price from €0.42 /unit
  27. Pinturas colorear croco de cartón con impresión vista 2
    Cardboard crocus coloring paints
    Price from €0.47 /unit
  28. Delantales publicitarios nilo no tejido con logo vista 2
    NILE. Children\'s apron for coloring
    Price from €0.57 /unit
  29. Pinturas colorear tejo de plástico vista 1
    Paints coloring plastic yew
    Price from €1.87 /unit
  30. Wood Genie Coloring Paints
    Price from €5.59 /unit
  31. Wooden blocky coloring paints
    Price from €0.95 /unit
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54 items

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Coloring paints and set of advertising paints to stamp with your logo Get ready to go back to school! Personalized colored pencils with the company logo are a very popular promotional gift at fairs and conventions, as they are inexpensive and highly appreciated by customers (since they are a product that they can give to their children). In our collection of personalized crayons you will find from basic models with few colors contained in cardboard boxes (some also have pencil sharpeners) to sets that contain many more colors, to be used as corporate merchandising. All crayon boxes can be customized with your logo or any image you want to suit your advertising campaign. Choose the model that you like the most and we will customize it for you at the best price.

Markers and crayons to color an ideal corporate gift

One of the best ways for the little ones to unleash their imagination is by coloring their creative drawings, and what better way than with a set of coloring paints advertised with your logo on the cover. With these sets of paintings you will delight the little ones and the most artistic clients. They can be used as gifts for fairs and events, as gifts for children, and many other situations.

Coloring paints printed with your brand

Like the rest of the articles dedicated to writing, coloring paints are the favorite gifts of the children of your clients, with which you will have an accomplice gesture with the children and will please the parents. We have a set of wooden coloring paints, wax paints, colored markers for the little ones, permanent office markers, and a set of colored paints with sacmines, rulers and cases of various shapes.

Frequently asked questions about Coloring paints

Why give personalised crayons and markers as gifts?

All children like to color, but not only them! For this reason, personalized colored pencil boxes are a highly appreciated corporate gift for young and old alike. When you give away personalized colored pencils as a business gift, you are not only donating simple wooden sticks with colored pigments, but you are making a child happy who will have fun drawing with their personalized colored pencils. A happy child is a happy parent who will remember your company when it comes to buying the kinds of products you sell.

How do we personalise your promotional coloured pencils?

All our printing techniques guarantee durability and resistance so that your logo will not be erased or disappear with the use of the promotional item. Colored pencils and wax crayons can be personalized, only in the boxes in which they are contained, with screen printing or digital printing depending on the type of box.