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  1. Leatherette cannes advertising agendas
    Price from €1.79 /unit
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  1. Bosco Notepad
    Bosco Notepad
    Price from €0.46 /unit
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    NOTE RPET Notebook A5 cover RPET
    Price from €1.47 /unit
  2. A5 notebook with soft cover
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  3. Clip Bookmark Carex
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  4. Ecological
    Kromax Perpetual Planner
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  5. Lupas okam para personalizar vista 1
    okam magnifying glasses
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  6. Baloa Bookmark
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  7. Bosco Notepad
    On Sale Ecological
    Bosco Notepad
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  8. Notebooks with elastic band yakis
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  9. Samish Notepad
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  10. Notepad Mirvan
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  11. Notebooks with botik metal elastic band
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  12. Notebooks with elastic band kaffol
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  13. Ecological
    Meivax Notepad
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    Leatherette cannes advertising agendas
    Price from €1.79 /unit
  15. Robin Notepad
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  16. waltrex leatherette advertising agendas
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  17. Witra leatherette advertising agendas
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  18. Notebooks with elastic band boltuk
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  19. Toulouse leatherette advertising agendas
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90 items

In our online store you will find gifts for teachers of all styles and colors. Find original gifts like fun patterned notebooks and personalized stationery. We have many products to give away for nursery, primary or nursery teachers. After the end of the course, it is usual to give teachers a gift from all the students of appreciation. We have gifts for teachers for men and for women, depending on the person to whom the gift is addressed in our online store, you will find personalized gifts for both teachers and teachers. We also have different gifts depending on the subject taught by the teacher, for example gifts for math teachers, gifts for science teachers, for sports or physical education teachers, history and for all kinds of teachers, enter our website and you can consult all kinds of gifts whether your budget is low or if you want to make a great gift.

Gifts for kindergarten, primary and nursery teachers

On our website we have many gifts that we can personalize with the name or design to give to teachers. Personalizing a notebook with the name of the teacher to whom it is going to be gifted can be a great gift idea for the end of the course or graduation. Giving a personalized briefcase with the teacher's name will be well received and she will surely appreciate it as a token of affection from her students. One of the best-selling gifts for teachers are the practical notebooks that can be personalized with the school logo and their name, the practical aluminum bottles so that during classes the teacher remembers that special gift that his students have given him. Those that are usually a great gift idea are technological gifts such as a Power Bank, a USB memory or any accessory related to technology and that facilitates the daily tasks of school or college.

Gifts for end-of-year and graduation teachers

Being a teacher is not easy. A thoughtful gift for the special person in your life will always be appreciated, even in the best of times. So gifting them something special now can be more meaningful than ever. Teachers want things that are sincere, practical, and generally fall into one of two categories: something that can be used in the classroom, class, or school to enhance student experiences, or gifts that make the already difficult more enjoyable. work of a teacher, think about relaxing things. But remember: Overly expensive gifts can easily fall into a gray area contrary to school policy, unless you pool the resources of multiple parents or families.