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  1. Metal Clip Knives
    Price from €0.67 /unit
  2. Castile metal penknives
    Price from €0.72 /unit
  3. Orizons klent metal penknives
    Price from €1.84 /unit
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  1. metal target compasses
    Price from €3.17 /unit
  2. New product
    Polyester glow mountain backpacks
    Price from €7.29 /unit
  3. Ecological
    MONTE LOMO Mottled backpack 600D RPET
    Price from €7.61 /unit
  4. On Sale
    Metal Clip Knives
    Price from €0.67 /unit
  5. On Sale
    Castile metal penknives
    Price from €0.72 /unit
  6. Metal steel knives
    Price from €0.81 /unit
  7. Campello metal penknives
    Price from €0.86 /unit
  8. Kolmi metal knives
    Price from €1.13 /unit
  9. Metal shakon knives
    Price from €1.24 /unit
  10. Bastic metal thermo mug
    Price from €1.58 /unit
  11. Orizons damok metal penknives
    Price from €1.73 /unit
  12. On Sale
    Orizons klent metal penknives
    Price from €1.84 /unit
  13. Thiam metal knives
    Price from €2.06 /unit
  14. metal woon knives
    Price from €2.09 /unit
  15. Metal dertam razors
    Price from €2.60 /unit
  16. Navajas sufli de metal con logo vista 1
    Sufli metal knives
    Price from €3.08 /unit
  17. Densul polyester mountain backpacks
    Price from €8.55 /unit
  18. Surey Power Bank Organizer
    Price from €22.55 /unit
  19. Rasmux Charger Backpack
    Price from €37.70 /unit
  20. Explorer Small Hiking Backpack 7L PVC Free
    Price from €13.20 /unit
  21. Powerbank 10,000 mAh with MFi license
    Price from €16.59 /unit
  22. Wireless power bank 10,000 mAh Swiss Peak
    Price from €19.93 /unit
  23. Ultimate wireless power bank 10,000 mAh
    Price from €22.29 /unit
  24. Power bank 20,000 mAh with display
    Price from €23.24 /unit
  25. Powerbank 10,000 mAh with integrated cable
    Price from €24.75 /unit
  26. Navajas verbier de plástico con logo vista 2
    On Sale
    plastic verbier knives
    Price from €0.81 /unit
  27. Navajas belpiano de metal con logo vista 2
    Belpiano metal knives
    Price from €1.23 /unit
  28. Navajas kaprun de metal vista 2
    Kaprun metal knives
    Price from €1.30 /unit
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52 items

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In our online gift shop for mountaineers you will find countless products for mountain and hiking lovers. Consult our wide catalog of original gifts for men and women hikers. We have fun and original gifts for mountain boys and girls. Among other gifts we have practical and useful multipurpose knives so necessary when going on an excursion or hiking trip. These practical knives contain a multitude of tools that will get you out of trouble more than once during a mountain excursion. We also have practical backpacks for hiking, some of them contain a solar panel to charge any electronic device during an excursion. All our gifts for mountaineers can be personalized with the name or logo that you send us. If you have a design to personalize any of the items that we sell on our website related to the mountain, you can contact our sales team who will make you a budget tailored and as adjusted as possible to your needs. We also have cheap gifts for mountaineers if you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a fair or congress event related to mountains, mountaineering, climbing or hiking.

Original gifts for men mountaineers and hikers

You may not be able to give the mountaineer more time outdoors, but you can give him the equipment he needs (or wants) to make any hike more enjoyable. The right equipment differs for each person, based on all kinds of factors, from the location of an excursion to your budget. Choosing the right gift for a mountaineer can be challenging, especially if you are not a hardened hiker yourself. Every time your gift recipient uses one of these hiking gifts, they'll think about how considerate you've been. If you are not an avid hiker, it can be challenging to figure out what they really want. Our mountaineer gift list has the best gift ideas for hikers. We have found some of the best and most innovative hiking gear for backpackers or adventurers in your life. We have cheap gifts for mountaineers, mid-range gifts and great quality items for all types of budgets.

Online gift shop for mountaineers and hikers

Mountaineers and hikers are a curious breed - they're always outdoors, they love weird obstacles like chains and climbers, and they're obsessed with their favorite gear. Ask any hiker what their favorite hiking gear is and they will probably talk to you about it for a long time. It goes without saying that choosing the best gifts for mountaineers can be challenging, because what you give away has to be able to withstand many, many miles of adventure. You could give someone who loves hiking and mountains all kinds of different gifts, and you could even give them an upgraded version of the gear they have. When we start hiking, backpacking, or climbing, we often don't have money for all the gear we would really like to buy. So we make concessions on some products for the mountains.