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  1. Ecological
    TUANUI Tablet Stand
    Price from €6.06 /unit
  2. Pen and roller set in box. blue ink
    Price from €6.65 /unit
  3. Ecological
    WHIPPY PLUS Phone holder
    Price from €7.05 /unit
  4. HELO Ring 26 cm tripod
    Price from €11.16 /unit
  5. Cargadores de coche kerub con publicidad vista 1
    Kerub Support Charger
    Price from €1.69 /unit
  6. Metal slatham selfie sticks
    Price from €2.35 /unit
  7. Usb personalizados sleut 8gb de metal con impresión vista 1
    Sleut USB flash drive 8GB
    Price from €3.99 /unit
  8. Soportes móviles dustin de polipiel vista 1
    Dustin leatherette mobile supports
    Price from €4.67 /unit
  9. Tyrell leatherette mobile supports
    Price from €5.15 /unit
  10. tecnox wireless chargers
    Price from €5.85 /unit
  11. Ribben 360° camera
    Price from €25.08 /unit
  12. Swiss Peak deluxe pen set
    Price from €5.74 /unit
  13. Running belt with LED
    Price from €5.78 /unit
  14. Data notebook with 4GB USB
    Price from €6.38 /unit
  15. Notebook with telephone section
    Price from €8.23 /unit
  16. A5 Deluxe notebook cover
    Price from €8.23 /unit
  17. Kyoto A5 notebook organizational cover
    Price from €9.88 /unit
  18. Swiss Peak Executive Pen Set
    Price from €10.48 /unit
  19. Swiss Peak deluxe A5 notebook and pen set
    Price from €11.53 /unit
  20. Cover for A5 Kyoto notebook
    Price from €11.53 /unit
  21. A5 Air cover with 5W wireless charging
    Price from €12.34 /unit
  22. Ecological
    Impact AWARE™ RPET A5 Folder
    Price from €12.36 /unit
  23. Swiss Peak Heritage Ballpoint Pen Set
    Price from €12.36 /unit
  24. Illuminated Logo Notebook
    Price from €12.74 /unit
  25. 3000mAh powerbank notebook
    Price from €14.23 /unit
  26. Laptop sleeve and Fiko 2-in-1 workstation
    Price from €19.01 /unit
  27. Adventure camera with 11 accessories
    Price from €28.27 /unit
  28. A5 Air Notebook Case with Wireless Charger
    Price from €41.27 /unit
  29. Swiss Peak adventure camera set
    Price from €44.47 /unit
  30. 4K activity camera
    Price from €44.47 /unit
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53 items

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Enter our online store and you will find a wide variety of gifts for architects. On our website we have the best gifts for architects and the most original that can be personalized with the name or logo that you want. Whether you are going to give a gift to a recently graduated architect to an architect with extensive experience, we have all kinds of details and gifts with which to hit the mark. Fun gifts for architects, original and surprising with which you will get a smile when you give them. Among all the gifts we can highlight the technological accessories such as phone or tablet holders or the practical battery chargers and PowerBanks. Architects often appreciate these types of technological gifts so it will be a great idea. A classic of personalized gifts for architects are sets of pens and pencils with your name or logo. Another top selling gift are notebooks, document holders and portfolios with your personalized name. It is common for this type of gifts and products to be used daily in the life of an architect. A very useful gift for architects are travel accessories since they are regularly traveling and traveling and these practical accessories will be very useful. If you are looking for gifts for architects for an architecture fair or a Congress in our online store we have a large number of cheap gifts for architects to distribute during the event, being able to personalize them with the design you want.

Personalized gifts for original and fun architects

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be crazy. Is it the color you would like? Is it something they already have? Is it so last year? What can make the search even more difficult is buying for someone with impeccable (or at least very specific) taste, a quality architects are known for. When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be difficult to choose a good thing, especially if you are not an architect. Here is a selection of useful and unique gifts that honor their profession and will make them happy. The best gift ideas for architects are dynamic, conceptual, modular, ergonomic. Giving away architects never seems like an easy task. They are the type of people who don't just build things, but also add life to those things. They have a different point of view than others, which makes them successful in what they do. So what do you give to such talented people in your life? Do not care anymore. We have collected all the essential gifts in our online store. Scroll through the ideas and choose the ones you like best. Whether for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions, on this website you can find a gift for your favorite architect and engineer. Have you ever wondered what gift to buy from an architect and have you run out of anything? Well, look no further, because the following is a compiled list of gift ideas for architects.

Best Gifts for Architects for Graduation

The work of architects requires them to design, plan and construct buildings and structures: they have to know the latest trends in architectural design, plan and manage all the intricate details, and construct the structures profitably. What is the best gift you can give an architect friend, someone who is studying architecture or even people who are interested in architecture and design? On our website you will find the best gift options that you can consider. Nobody ever knows what to give the architect. They have impeccable taste, revel in the dark while avoiding the ordinary, and generally know exactly what they want in a product or design. Choosing something that fits perfectly is a problem that all friends and family of architects know very well. Whether you are a student or a professional, if you are actively creating hand drawings, you may like a new drawing pencil. If you always work with 3D computer models, you might find something like a 3D mouse useful in your daily tasks. Do they attend a lot of meetings or have a long commute to work? Something like a briefcase to stay organized and a sketchbook to take notes might come in handy. So whether you're shopping for an architecture student, aspiring or veteran architect, this list should help you.