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  1. Cocktail drinky. pajita reutilizable de silicona con impresión vista 12
    DRINKY. reusable straw
    Price from €0.28 /unit
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  1. Sacacorchos lucy plus de metal con logo vista 1
    LUCY Corkscrew
    Price from €0.70 /unit
  2. slate4 coasters of various materials
    Price from €2.39 /unit
  3. SETTIE Bottle wine set
    Price from €3.40 /unit
  4. Straik Tobacco Case
    Price from €0.03 /unit
  5. Varien non-woven bag wine accessories
    Price from €0.07 /unit
  6. Cleansand ashtray
    Price from €0.09 /unit
  7. parsock lighter
    Price from €0.11 /unit
  8. vaygox lighters
    Price from €0.13 /unit
  9. ronel lighters
    Price from €0.17 /unit
  10. world lighters
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  11. Ceniceros berko de metal vista 1
    Berko metal ashtrays
    Price from €0.20 /unit
  12. Kaipir Cocktail Set
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  13. stromber lighters
    Price from €0.26 /unit
  14. Morris injector
    Price from €0.30 /unit
  15. Rosser Kitchen Lighter
    Price from €0.34 /unit
  16. mini cricket lighters
    Price from €0.38 /unit
  17. Classic ceramic plesik mug
    Price from €1.25 /unit
  18. ceramic tarbox Classic Mug
    Price from €1.28 /unit
  19. Ceniceros senegal de plástico con logo vista 1
    Senegal plastic ashtrays
    Price from €0.21 /unit
  20. Posavasos funfaye de plástico con logo vista 2
    FUNFAYE. coasters
    Price from €0.25 /unit
  21. Cocktail drinky. pajita reutilizable de silicona con impresión vista 12
    On Sale
    DRINKY. reusable straw
    Price from €0.28 /unit
  22. Abrebotellas tanat de metal vista 1
    Tanat metal bottle opener
    Price from €0.75 /unit
  23. Royce. Mug
    Price from €0.99 /unit
  24. Abrebotellas carin de madera vista 2
    Carin wooden bottle opener
    Price from €1.00 /unit
  25. Llaveros con abrebotellas torchen de metal con logo vista 10
    TORCHEN. Lantern
    Price from €1.09 /unit
  26. Taza clásica curcum de cerámica con publicidad vista 1
    CURCUM. Mug
    Price from €1.25 /unit
  27. ANISEED. Mug
    Price from €1.42 /unit
  28. Taza clásica nels de porcelana vista 1
    NELS. Mug
    Price from €1.53 /unit
  29. MATCH. Mug
    Price from €1.72 /unit
  30. Taza clásica colby de cerámica vista 1
    COLBY. Mug
    Price from €1.78 /unit
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63 items

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Bars are like social centers where friends, family, couples and colleagues come to have a drink or beer, sharing a while and good conversation. That's why building customer loyalty by giving them a promotional gift from your bar will always be a great idea. In our online store of gifts for bars you will find all kinds of products to give on an anniversary or inauguration of your bar. In the past, giving lighters or lighters was one of the most popular products in a bar after the ban on smoking in bars, this type of gift has given way to more practical and useful ones. Bottle opener keyrings are one of the best-selling and most appreciated gifts for bar patrons. Another highly appreciated gift and with which they will receive a visual impact every time they use the product are the personalized mugs with your logo.They have a marking surface that is visible enough so that the logo of your bar is easily seen. Personalized wine bags are also in high demand to offer your bar customers to take the bottle if they have not finished during a dinner or lunch. All our gifts can be personalized with the logo or phrase you want to print.

Gifts for anniversary or opening of a bar

We are manufacturers and suppliers of personalized bar products if you are looking to make merchandising to promote your restaurant or bar, as we are suppliers we can offer you really cheap sale prices with great discounts for quantity. Depending on the product you want to personalize, it should be stamped with one or another printing technique such as screen printing, laser or embroidery on your promotional bar garments.

The best bar gift ideas to your customers

If you are a distributor or supplier of drinks or coffees that are distributed in bars, it can be a great idea to organize a party or promotion in any bar. You can give away a small advertising detail with your brand every time a customer consumes a product of the beverage or coffee brand that you distribute in this way, you will get more sales and make your product more visible by organizing a small party or promotion inside a bar.