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  1. Bolsas deporte kisu no tejido con impresión vista 1
    Kisu bag
    Price from €0.92 /unit
  2. Bolsas deporte simaro de 100% algodón vista 1
    100% cotton simaro sports bags
    Price from €2.05 /unit
  3. new bag
    Price from €4.26 /unit
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  1. Bolsas deporte vintage de pvc vista 1
    Vintage pvc sports bags
    Price from €4.29 /unit
  2. 600d sports bag
    Price from €5.78 /unit
  3. Bolsas deporte vintage bowling de pvc con impresión vista 2
    Vintage bowling pvc sports bags
    Price from €7.35 /unit
  4. Ecological
    TERRA + Sports bag 600D RPET
    Price from €8.11 /unit
  5. Bolsas deporte leis de poliéster con logo vista 2
    Polyester leis sports bags
    Price from €8.15 /unit
  6. Ecological
    MILL RPET 600D padel bag
    Price from €12.00 /unit
  7. Bolsas deporte kisu no tejido con impresión vista 1
    On Sale
    Kisu bag
    Price from €0.92 /unit
  8. Kenit polyester sports bags
    Price from €1.38 /unit
  9. Bolsas deporte simaro de 100% algodón vista 1
    On Sale Ecological
    100% cotton simaro sports bags
    Price from €2.05 /unit
  10. Ecological
    Charmix bag
    Price from €2.49 /unit
  11. Curcox bag
    Price from €2.82 /unit
  12. On Sale
    new bag
    Price from €4.26 /unit
  13. Drako polyester sports bags
    Price from €4.57 /unit
  14. hydrax polyester sports backpacks
    Price from €4.89 /unit
  15. Donatox polyester sports bags
    Price from €6.97 /unit
  16. Bolsas deporte etroped de poliéster para personalizar vista 1
    New product
    Sports bag
    Price from €1.98 /unit
  17. Bolsas deporte toronto de poliéster con logo vista 2
    Toronto polyester sports bags
    Price from €2.29 /unit
  18. Bolsas deporte fit de poliéster vista 2
    Polyester fit sports bags
    Price from €6.39 /unit
  19. Ecological
    REPURPOSE SPORTS. Bolsa de deporte rPET
    Price from €10.80 /unit
  20. Bolsas deporte detroit plus de poliéster con publicidad vista 2
    Detroit plus polyester sports bags
    Price from €11.40 /unit
  21. Bolsas deporte giraldo de poliéster vista 1
    GIRALDO. 300D polyester sports bag
    Price from €13.24 /unit
    Price from €10.58 /unit
    Price from €11.31 /unit
  24. Sports bag with rigid base - 60 liters
    Price from €11.58 /unit
  25. Sports bag with rigid base - 90 liters
    Price from €12.17 /unit
  26. Sports bag - 55 liters
    Price from €12.40 /unit
  27. Sports bag - 85 liters
    Price from €15.42 /unit
    Price from €19.03 /unit
  29. Ecological
    Bag lined with cotton fabric
    Price from €4.13 /unit
  30. Ecological
    Recycled cylinder bag
    Price from €4.92 /unit
  31. Tubular bag - barrel type
    Price from €5.32 /unit
    Price from €5.74 /unit
  33. Sports bag
    Price from €8.54 /unit
  34. Ecological
    Hand woven cylinder bag
    Price from €10.66 /unit
  35. Large sports bag with side compartment
    Price from €12.69 /unit
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46 items

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At Garrampa we offer you one of the most complete collections of sports and sports bags, a basic accessory that cannot be missing in any home. Sports bags personalized with your logo are the promotional products par excellence for your team (whatever your sport), gym or company. Seeing your members enter your gym, sports hall, dance school, happy to be able to use the bag that was given to them with their logo, will make them feel part of their community and happy to have received a useful and meaningful gift. model that best suits you, the units you need and what type of printing you want to make, we will take care of the rest.

Gym bags with your logo or advertising

For the most sports fans, we bring a complete selection of advertising sports bags, both for men, women and unisex. It is the ideal gift to take to the gym with all your things, practical to hang on the shoulder and mark with your logo (sports club, company, supporters club etc.) in a large, very recognizable way. They are offered in various sizes and are undoubtedly a very versatile and multipurpose gift: take advantage of it as a small travel suitcase, for getaways, or even for storage.

Gym and fitness bags

Backpacks are a thing of the past: join the comfort of spacious sports bags and offer a very striking detail to your partners, clients or colleagues. Your logo will have a prominent representation on the sides or front of the bag, and you can also choose from a multitude of colors and models: with short handles, shoulder strap, sports bags for tennis, with a compartment for shoes, in leather, etc. We also have recognized and prestigious brands such as Ogio or Slazenger, bet on quality in your promotional items!

Frequently asked questions about Sports bags

What type of material does the custom sports bag have?

The choice of material for a custom gym bag depends on your personal style. The most widely used materials are leather, canvas and nylon. The price of the personalized gym bag will be affected mainly by this feature. For example, if you walk a lot or have a lot to carry, the leather may be too heavy for you. Personalized canvas sports bags can serve as a beach bag in summer, so you can go further with your purchase. Nylon bags are usually stylish, waterproof, and durable.

What design of custom sports bag to buy?

Custom sports bags have designs for each specific activity: crossfit, pilates, yoga, running, to name a few. Here are some questions to consider: How much does it have to fit? Does the gym bag need to be waterproof? What is the best way to hold the gym bag? Do you like to wear it on the body, like a messenger bag, or are you looking for a handbag? The size of the gym bag is also important, as sports bags can vary in size, from small tote bags to larger bags that you can also use for travel. For most people, a medium-sized gym bag is sufficient.

What about the straps of custom sports bags?

It is important to decide what type of straps and handles you feel most comfortable with. For many, the typical two handles on top of the gym bag will work just fine. Others may want a single longer strap to hang from one shoulder. For others, a duffel bag style with two shoulder straps will work, especially if you're carrying a lot of items.

What to look for in a sports bag and what to always put in it?

It is natural to want to carry a large gym bag that holds all the essentials. Technically, a gym bag is designed to transport necessities to and from a fitness center, studio, or gym. However, today sports bags are used for much more.