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  1. 140 g/m² reinforced cotton shopping bag
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Advertising bags are the most effective advertising product for small and large businesses. It is a super practical advertising gift, since you can always carry it with you; either in your car or in your bag. Garrampa's cheap personalized bags are perfect to use as merchandising at any event. For this reason, they are a popular gift at fairs and congresses , especially since they are a very useful item. Inside the promotional bags, you can store all kinds of advertising material such as brochures or flyers. Give the gift of sustainability, thanks to Garrampa's personalized shopping bags and forget about unnecessary plastics.  Your logo will be visible to everyone, thanks to our printed bags. In our collection you will find different models of advertising bags in different fabrics and colors, to suit your budget and especially the brand image of your company.  In jute, paper, cotton, polyester or non woven ; to buy, go to the market, use a purse or carry work. Discover below the wide range of inexpensive personalized bags.

Bags printed with your logo

Are you looking for cheap custom prints to screen your logo? You're in luck at Garrampa! Give comfort, style and advertise to your clients; hand in hand with our bags with logo. Design your bags with advertising in Garrampa! It's very easy, choose the material that you think best matches your brand (cotton, jute, paper, non woven …), As well as the model (with strings, only one handle, large, small, etc.) and, don't forget the colors! At Garrampa you have at your fingertips the bag model with more capacity to fit all your products or the most original bags on the market, you choose how to stand out!  Discover Garrampa's silk-screened bags in our particular online store for personalized bags. Welcome!

Wholesale advertising bags

Thinking of placing a large order for bags for business, events or advertising campaigns?  Garrampa is, without a doubt, your online store for personalized reusable bags. Discover our wholesale bags! Our advertising bags are cheap, since we know perfectly well that preparing events is very difficult, as well as expensive. For this reason, from Garrampa we think of you: our cheap promotional bags are waiting for you. Original cloth bags, as well as advertising bags of all kinds, so that you can make a difference with your clients and guests . And we can't think of a better gift to surprise in the office or as a wedding detail. In addition, our personalized shopping bags are ideal to continue transmitting that ecological thought, among all your public. Choose from our wide variety of models , you will be able to customize your advertising bag how you like it and in the material that more suits your brand. Come in now!

Frequently asked questions about Custom bags

Why buy cheap personalised bags at Garrampa?

Garrampa is a supplier of advertising bags, where you can customize your bag with the logo of your company, club, gym or business , among others. In addition, you can add a photo and text, if you wish. Did you know that we do the printing in our own workshops? At Garrampa you have the opportunity to buy our personalized advertising bags in very small quantities, even our cheap wholesale bags. The latter are highly requested by companies, artisans, schools, associations, merchants, as well as users of all kinds. Not forgetting, our line of inexpensive personalized bags for stores and supermarkets; resistant and practical to carry different loads.  We carry out the customization of your bags of any type and model , from different printing techniques: screen printing, digital printing, flocking, etc. Discover our cheap personalized bags for events such as races or concerts. We are a highly qualified and experienced production team in any stamping technique , which allows us to control the quality and the manufacturing and customization deadlines of your bags. For this reason, thousands of customers trust Garrampa to order their personalized bags.  Discover our catalog of personalized bags on our website.

What type of advertising bag should I choose for each situation?

You can choose your bag made of fabric or any other material , you will surely be right with your gift! In addition, our inexpensive personalized bags are ideal for events, as well as for advertising your company to your customers. In this way, from Garrampa, we propose you to discover a complete range of fully customizable promotional bags , available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, with short or long handles. Do not hesitate to consult our online catalog.

Which printing technique will be suitable for my advertising bags?

To choose the appropriate printing technique for your bags, different aspects must be taken into account. From the quantity, to the logo or text that you want to stamp; going through the wide range of colors that we have. All this, according to your budget.  At Garrampa we can offer you different types of marking , all made with the maximum guarantee and quality. A clear example of this is screen printing, suitable for large quantities, due to its low cost. In addition, we have a transfer, which we recommend for small amounts. Not forgetting, digital printing for logos, texts, etc. that are in full color (four-color). All these factors will allow you to obtain a personalized budget to decide to buy our advertising bags to give away at promotional events.  What are you waiting for to take a look at our website?

What is the delivery time for my cheap personalised bags?

At Garrampa we can offer you a wide range of advertising bags at cheap prices, which we will deliver within a maximum period of 10-12 business days , from the moment you confirm your virtual sample. , the term will depend on the country of destination and the duration of the transport. On the other hand, for urgent orders in Spain, we can offer you an urgent delivery time of 4-5 business days, in a specific selection of bags . And discover the best personalized gift bags!

Which model of personalised shopping bags should I choose?

In our collection you will find several models of advertising bags in different colors, sizes and fabrics, so that you can choose the one you prefer according to your budget and the type of event you need to promote. We have brightly colored bags and classic beige canvas shoppers; with long and short handles; folding bags, zip-lock bags and heat-sealed shoppers. The paper bags and personalized non-woven bags are among the cheapest and next to advertising bags made of fabric, canvas and cotton; They are the queens of fairs and can also be used in stores as shopping bags. Finally, our personalized jute bags are very elegant and refined, ideal for promoting your brand during special or exclusive events.

How do I personalise my promotional shopping bags?

Promotional bags are usually screen-printed, if your company logo consists of one to four flat colors. However, if your logo or image requires more colors or shades; We will personalize your promotional bags, through digital printing or digital transfer. We want to offer you a truly unique result. We want to exceed your expectations, based on our work. Ask us for what you want and we will advise you without any commitment.