Original personalized backpacks. For merchandising and advertising

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  1. SHOOP Drawstring backpack
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At Garrampa we offer you a great showcase of original personalized backpacks, which you can use in all kinds of moments of your day to day. And it is that, from our models of backpacks to practice sports, to those that you can carry as a shoulder bag; as well as personalized school backpacks, ideal for the little ones in the house. For the youngest we also have different types of children's backpacks , which they can even paint and decorate themselves. Likewise, at Garrampa we have a whole line of backpacks for workers : for those business men and women who must always carry their laptop with them. In fact, in some of our cheap wheeled backpacks you can safely protect and transport your computer. Nor can we forget the advertising rope backpacks , perfect for any event; in the same way as folding backpacks. Finally, for hiking fans, at Garrampa we have ergonomic mountain backpacks for your back.  Choose the type of original personalized backpack that best suits you.

Backpacks for events screen-printed with your logo

Garrampa's original personalized backpacks are synonymous with versatility, since they can be used to transport any type of content. In addition, our backpacks are suitable for all kinds of occasions: going to work, to the gym, shopping, to the beach, to the pool, to school, to university or to travel, among many other functions. On the other hand, you can customize them with your logo and thus achieve a much higher range of visibility of your brand.  Garrampa backpacks are used for merchandising and advertising, so they will be present in all kinds of situations and events: music festivals, concerts, fairs, congresses, study centers, discos, bars ... the best way of building customer loyalty For years we have thought of personalized backpacks as accessories used mainly by students or athletes. Recently, however, we have seen its spread even among employees or professionals. We see them present everywhere, in stadiums, beaches, gyms or offices, in all colors and shapes, often with a logo or text in sight. Whether by train, bicycle or motorcycle, the backpack is now the symbol of travel, more than what happened with suitcases until recently. In addition, the presence of pockets and zippers facilitates the order of the transported objects. Custom company backpacks are now also among employees and entrepreneurs are now almost indispensable, in particular for their ability to protect laptops from bumps or jolts better than briefcases. Their characteristics make backpacks one of the most suitable gifts to personalize with a logo or text. In addition, the fact that they are used for multiple uses and by people of all ages increases the visibility of the logo and therefore the publicity that is made to the companies that gave them away. All this makes personalized backpacks one of the fashion items of the moment.Cheap backpacks for advertising in Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia with express deliveriesEconomic backpacks are items widely used by consumers. Whether to go to school, to work, to the gym ... The company ensures that its logo will be seen by a large number of people, increasing the number of impacts that its brand can have. In addition, they are long-lasting items. The consumer will be able to use it for a long period of time. All types of backpacks can be found in Garrampa, personalized children's backpacks, personalized children's backpacks, cheap children's backpacks, personalized school backpacks or personalized children's backpacks The most important thing is that you will have your personalized backpacks for companies in Zaragoza Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia in the time you need. Where and when you need your cheap backpacks for advertising.

Backpacks printed with your logo for propaganda

Discover in our online store the entire catalog of personalized original backpacks, with which you can win over customers, suppliers and even your own workers.  Our designs are designed for all types of audiences. In fact, if you work in an office, you have the option of our backpacks specialized in transporting laptops , super comfortable, already They have reinforcement on the back and additional compartments that will protect your device perfectly. Likewise, discover in Garrampa our specific backpacks for athletes, with compartments for water bottles or balls. Enter the Garrampa online catalog and find your ideal advertising backpacks for your business.

Frequently asked questions about Advertising backpacks

Why buy advertising backpacks at Garrampa?

We are suppliers of advertising backpacks that we personalize with the logo of your company, club, gym, team ... with whatever you want! Also with Garrampa you can add the photo or text you want. We print your personalized backpacks in our workshops. In this way, you have the option to buy personalized advertising backpacks in small quantities , as well as large ones. For this reason, we work with all kinds of partners: companies, artisans, merchants and even end users. And it is that for associations, shops, companies, communities, schools, supermarkets ... in all types of establishments your backpack is welcome. Garrampa original custom. For many years, we carry out the customization of backpacks of any type and model with different stamping techniques: screen printing, digital printing, flocking, embroidery. Accompany the events or merchandising activities, related to your company with one of our backpacks with logo.At Garrampa we are a highly qualified production team experienced in any printing technique, which allows us to control the quality and the manufacturing and customization deadlines of your backpacks. That's why thousands of customers trust us to order their personalized backpacks.  Discover our catalog of personalized advertising backpacks on our website.

How to choose the right and cheap advertising backpack?

Surely, before choosing your personalized backpack you will have questions such as: What backpack do I need or want for my clients?, A backpack for hiking or for the city, A backpack for sports or travel?, Ropes, multi-pockets, anti-theft? ”,“ A folding backpack with or without shoulder straps? ” or “Made of fabric, polyester, nylon or cotton?” In order to help you in your decision, we offer you a wide catalog of original personalized backpacks with different models, shapes and colors, totally personalized at prices cheap. Choosing a personalized fabric and rope backpack or however you want means choosing an original, high-quality promotional item, with which you are sure to be right whatever the event in which you want to advertise.  At Garrampa we offer you personalized backpacks, made with high quality materials to satisfy all your demands and being able to place your order from a minimum of 10 units, to large quantities. So now you know, go to the web now and discover how we can help you. At Garrampa we have all kinds of models of personalized backpacks waiting for you.

What type of printing should I choose for my personalised backpacks?

To choose the appropriate printing technique for your advertising backpacks, you have to take into account the quantity, logo or text that you want to stamp; as well as the number of colors, all according to your budget.  At Garrampa we can offer you different types of marking, all made with the maximum guarantee and quality. For example, screen printing is suitable for large quantities, due to its low cost or embroidery is specialized due to its high quality. In addition, the transfer is indicated for small quantities and digital printing for logos or texts in full color with four-color. Choose your stamping model and we will make your personalized budget. Choose your personalized advertising backpacks for your promotional events, propaganda, gifts, etc.  Check the catalog on the Garrampa website!

What is the delivery time for my advertising backpacks?

Our delivery times will depend on the personalized backpack model you have chosen. Normally, the delivery time usually takes about 10 days , since we confirm the virtual sample. On the other hand, we have the option of urgent orders in Spain , offering you a delivery in as little as a few business days for a selected selection of backpacks. At Garrampa we also cross borders and place orders outside of Spain. The delivery time will depend on the destination country and the duration of the transport.  Do not hesitate to consult Garrampa's extensive online catalog.