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  1. POUCHLO Plush document holder
    Price from €1.55 /unit
  2. New product
    Notes basic document bag in polyester
    Price from €9.22 /unit
  3. Computer case 360d 2 tones 15\'
    Price from €13.26 /unit
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  1. Portadocumentos básicos kein no tejido vista 1
    Basic document holder kein non-woven
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  2. Document holder Dago
    Price from €0.46 /unit
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  1. Polyester document holder
    Price from €0.96 /unit
  2. Recommended
    POUCHLO Plush document holder
    Price from €1.55 /unit
  3. Briefcase with polyester shoulder strap
    Price from €4.12 /unit
  4. FLAPA Document holder
    Price from €4.49 /unit
  5. New product Recommended
    Notes basic document bag in polyester
    Price from €9.22 /unit
  6. Faux leather zippered document case
    Price from €9.32 /unit
  7. Recommended
    Computer case 360d 2 tones 15\'
    Price from €13.26 /unit
  8. Ecological
    DAEGU RPET 600D Laptop Bag
    Price from €14.89 /unit
  9. Macau trolley polyester laptop bags
    Price from €55.50 /unit
  10. Elegant notebook with metal pen
    Price from €6.70 /unit
  11. Portadocumentos básicos kein no tejido vista 1
    On Sale
    Basic document holder kein non-woven
    Price from €0.19 /unit
  12. Basic bonx pvc document holder
    Price from €0.35 /unit
  13. On Sale
    Document holder Dago
    Price from €0.46 /unit
  14. Join Basic Polyester Document Case
    Price from €0.70 /unit
  15. Norton Document Holder
    Price from €0.84 /unit
  16. Basic milan polyester briefcase
    Price from €0.96 /unit
  17. Ecological
    Meltox document holder
    Price from €1.14 /unit
  18. Portadocumentos básicos bernice no tejido con publicidad vista 2
    Non-woven bernice basic document holder
    Price from €1.28 /unit
  19. Portadocumentos básicos radson de poliéster vista 1
    Basic radson polyester briefcase
    Price from €1.39 /unit
  20. Basic scorpio polyester document case
    Price from €1.60 /unit
  21. Basic Hirkop Polyester Document Case
    Price from €1.62 /unit
  22. Java basic polyester briefcase
    Price from €1.74 /unit
  23. Portadocumentos básicos konfer de poliéster vista 1
    Basic konfer polyester briefcase
    Price from €1.85 /unit
  24. Zukar polyester shoulder bag
    Price from €1.87 /unit
  25. Portadocumentos básicos celmar de poliéster con impresión vista 1
    Celmar basic polyester document case
    Price from €2.39 /unit
  26. On Sale
    amazon polyester laptop bags
    Price from €2.49 /unit
  27. Document holder Kani
    Price from €2.81 /unit
  28. Portadocumentos básicos verse de poliéster con logo vista 1
    Verse Basic Polyester Document Case
    Price from €3.48 /unit
  29. xenac polyester laptop bags
    Price from €3.75 /unit
  30. zestar polyester laptop bags
    Price from €4.52 /unit
  31. Maletines para portátil baldony de poliéster con impresión vista 1
    Baldony polyester laptop bags
    Price from €6.01 /unit
  32. Ecological
    Derek Briefcase
    Price from €6.17 /unit
  33. Portadocumentos básicos index de microfibra vista 1
    Basic index microfiber document holder
    Price from €6.98 /unit
  34. Polyester Lenket Laptop Bags
    Price from €7.10 /unit
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76 items

Take your briefcase and document holder with your brand, to be well equipped at all times. Briefcases are the right gift for fairs, events, congresses and also for training courses, because they are convenient to store catalogs, documents and books without damaging them. These personalized bags with your company logo will give you a lot of visibility and will make all the participants feel part of the group and united by this common denominator. In our collection you will find both low cost models to give away at fairs, as well as the most elegant and exclusive ones for professional or corporate congresses. Although they do not have a special pocket to store the PC, they are spacious and robust enough to carry it without problems. Customers and employees will appreciate its classic taste when it comes to offering corporate gifts that they can use to travel in style. One of these gifts are promotional document holders and personalized briefcases. Executive briefcases are ideal for travel and conferences where your logo will be seen by many people. Briefcases are great as corporate gifts or employee incentives. An advertising document holder gives your employee a look of professionalism and a solid company image, as well as keeping all your documents organized. Our advertising document holders are made with adjustable shoulder straps and come in a wide variety of materials and colors. It is a promotional product with a large printing area that makes your logo easy to read. Students, engineers, teachers ... anyone will be delighted to receive one of the promotional document holders that we have at Garrampa. Folders, computers, ipad: endless items fit in them.

Promotional briefcases and document holders

With this section we want to offer a wide range of briefcases and document holders that you can carry with you at all times. They are ideal to be used on a day-to-day basis, making the transport of your personal belongings more practical, both in your daily work and personal life, since this selection of briefcases and document holders is versatile and adaptable to your lifestyle. The use of these items is feasible with all types of people and circumstances. Discover all its functions!

Screen-printed briefcases and document holders

The great variability in the transport of personal items, makes anyone can enjoy the personalized briefcases and document holders that we have at Garrampa; teachers, students, executives, etc., are many of the profiles that use this type of transport items. The briefcases we offer have the possibility of carrying them on the shoulder, with an adjustable strap to keep your hands free. The document holders have sections and pockets, so you can organize your documents according to priorities.

Frequently asked questions about Custom briefcases

Why give personalised briefcases and company bags as gifts?

Business bags and briefcases personalized with the company logo are very popular corporate gifts, as they are regularly used by customers in their daily work environment. In addition, they are highly versatile and visual personalized promotional items, which will help promote the company's brand for both customers and third parties with whom they come in contact. So if you want to give a corporate gift in a B2B environment, these promotional items are the best option to promote your brand through personalized corporate gifts.

How to choose personalised document holders?

Consulting Garrampa's online catalog in personalized folders is like embarking on a long and beautiful journey. Because there are truly innumerable proposals that are offered to companies that intend to pay tribute to the public, customers or their employees with personalized document holders. Let's talk about materials: they are among the most efficient and resistant for this type of product. At you can find personalized document holders in PVC or non-woven 80 g / m2 with velcro closure, or in leatherette (and for ecological ones there is eco-leather which represents a contemporary and fascinating option); The 600D cloth document holders are popular, as are the padded rubber material holders or the polyester cloth travel document holders, a real treat for those who appreciate quality and elegant finishes. There are also those who prefer briefcases with useful accessories.

Is it possible to have folders or document bags of different sizes?

The wide range of options that offers for personalized document bags is certified precisely by the diversity of measures of each document holder. There are the personalized document holders with zip closure and practical handles of 29x16.5 cm, or those in polyurethane with RFID protection of 8.2x11.7x1.5, or the surprising two-color polyester briefcases with interesting measurements (33x40x10) also in terms of to the printing area. And how can we not talk about the 600D polyester briefcases with 12 compartments, with 8-digit calculator, pencil holder and 4-ring binder? However, the general advice is always the same: evaluate your needs, think about who will get the personalized document holder and then explore the opportunities in Garrampa to identify the best solution to spread your brand.

How can document holders be personalised?

The printing surface and its position on the document holder are elements that increase the advertising potential of promotional briefcases. For example, there are bags in which the metal tags can also be personalized, giving the gift a contemporary and elegant effect. For each document holder present in Garrampa, the printing area and its location are indicated. If you consider a briefcase with a transparent pocket on the back, the logo or the required writing can be printed right there, or the customizations have a central position down on non-woven document holders with a printing area of ​​20x7 cm. There are many opportunities: it is necessary to follow the instructions available in the product sheets and, as always, in case of doubts, contact the staff who will be ready to help you.